Candied Ginger Recipe

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How to make Candied Ginger

No need to buy candied ginger anymore when you learn how simple it is to make at home. It keeps for up to a month and can be used in baking or even as a sweet treat to nibble on. You can find all my recipes on my blog Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 150g fresh ginger tiny pinch salt Method: Peel and slice ginger finely. Place in a pan and cover with water, bring to the boil and leave to simmer for 10 minutes, then drain. Add the sugar and water to the pan and bring to the boil, add the ginger and pinch of salt and cook for 2 -3 minutes on a high heat. Take off the heat and leave ginger to sit in the syrup for 15 minutes then drain the syrup through a sieve, you can keep this ginger syrup for making drinks with! Make sure you shake off as much excess liquid as possible from the ginger. Spread 2 tbsp granulated sugar on a plate and toss the ginger pieces in the sugar. Spread ginger on a baking tray or wore rack and leave to dry and cool down. Once nearly dry you can sprinkle with more sugar if you like. Once cooled and dried you can store this in air tight container at room temperature up to 1 month. SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE and get emailed when I do a new recipe! About Me: I’m Caroline Artiss, I trained as a chef, been in the food world for 20 years and I'm a single mom so I am an expert in making quick, easy, tasty and mostly healthy recipes for very busy people. I’m also a cook book author, recipe and food product developer, I helped open and consulted on my restaurant “The Gorgeous Kitchen” at London Heathrow Terminal 2, with 3 other British female chefs. If you’re ever flying through make sure you stop in!! ☺ I started filming and editing all my own recipes on YouTube 6 years ago as I love teaching people how to cook and it’s lead to some amazing things happening in my life. My biggest wish is that you find my recipes easy, affordable, and yummy! Enjoy and leave your comments! Nom nom nom... Follow me here for more food pic's and inspiration! Come say hi :) and tag photos with #carolinesfood or #singlemomguides or both! GOOGLE PLUS FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM This video was edited by Matthew Hoare

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How to Make Lemon Powder - Homemade DIY Seasonings

Don't throw it out! Make some amazing seasoning easy in your kitchen. Those lemon peels are so good! 12 WAYS TO USE AND PRESERVE CITRUS: Bonus: homemade lemonade recipe at the end. My apologies for some of the sound issues in the beginning. I don't think my microphone plug was pushed all the way in. SUBSCRIBE for 3 Videos per week: DADDYKIRBS STORE: PATREON: Let's support each other! Patrons Supporting Daddykirbs Farm: Cindy Bowman Chris Lambertus Eric Trevino Jeff Selby Monte Turner Swamper Liv Lise Sørhøy Øystein Holand GreenStalk Garden Farmer Jo "mcduff" Brennan Trish Weiner Mittelstein Amy Quillin Alan Quillin Christina Weaver Ryan Sally Weiner David Elkins GRACE H J&J Acres - Rob's Backyard Farming & Aquaponics - Scott Mann - MY GEAR: CAMERA: SHOTGUN MIC: MIC WIND COVER: RODE MICROPHONE FOR SMART PHONES: RetiCAM® SMARTPHONE GRIP: GORILLAPOD TRIPOD: LAVALIER MICROPHONE: LET'S CONNECT! -- -- -- MY BLOG: This description is listing some affiliate links. These links are convenient for you and in a very small way helps Daddykirbs Farm too. Shopping using these links will NOT cost you a penny more, but will give my little farm a few pennies.

Ginger Barfi Recipe | Winter Recipes | Sweet and Spicy Ginger Barfi | Ginger Candy Recipe

For deatils, please visit - Ingredients (For 30-35 pieces): Ginger - About 6-7 inches big piece Milk - 3 tbsp Sugar - About 3 times the ginger paste (See instructions below) Clarified butter (Ghee) - Little for greasing a plate Procedure: Soak the ginger in water for about an hour. Remove the peel with a peeler. Cut into small 1 inch pieces. Add milk and grind into a smooth paste. Measure this paste and keep aside. Measure sugar so that it is three times the quantity of the paste (from step 5). Grease a plate/tray with little ghee and keep it aside. In a pan, add the ground ginger-milk paste and also add the measured sugar (from step 6). Keep heat on medium and stir continuously till the mixture starts thickening. When it becomes thick and starts to come off the bottom of the pan very easily, pour it out to the greased plate/tray. Allow to cool and cut into small 1 inch or smaller pieces. Sweet and spicy ginger barfi is now ready.

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سناك بسيط وسهل ومفيد جدا للاطفال والكبار ممكن استخدامه في عمل الكوكيز والكب كيك بالزنجبيل المقادير : ٥٠٠ جم زنجبيل فريش ٢ كوب سكر ١ كوب ماء لون اصفر ويمكن الاستغناء عنه

After Sushi Ginger and Pumpkin and Ginger Marmalade, I couldn't avoid to prepare the Candied Ginger.
Perfect to replace the candy, to flavor 5 p.m. tea or a fantastic hot chocolate while watching your favorite movie ... If you have other combinations please let me know!

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