Rum Plays In A New Track Hot Vils Hot Wheels Sars For Boys Hot Wheels # 324

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Track Time 2016 C! No Loops! Just Hot Wheels Track, Boosters And Curves (and bridges)

New Track Time Channel! Race Grooves Track Time videos test various models on different track layouts. I give tips on which cars perform better. I also give tips on how to improve your Hot Wheels Track System layouts. I show how to "pinch and flare" as well as show what events cause track sections to start separating. This Track Time presentation is a Track Time case unboxing shout-outs video. When viewers watched my 2016 C case unboxing videos, they suggested a model or two for track time. Suggestions can be posted on those videos or the corresponding Facebook or Twitter posts for them. That is the viewer's opportunity to get a shout-out on RaceGrooves. Case Unboxing Playlist I tested a whopping 24 cars this time! Because my layout didn't have loops, it gave low-profile cars more of a chance to perform. Models that have splitters on the front bumper, or just have low bumpers such as the '12 Ford Fiesta, '90 Acura NSX, and Ford GT (LM). Some models that have entertainment/movie tie-ins. Nissan Fairlady Z (Need For Speed), Toyota Supra (Fast & Furious), '52 Hudson Hornet (Disney Cars) and Back To The Future Time Machine - Hover Mode. Various decades of cars were also tested such as the '41 Willys, Porsche 356A Outlaw (Magnus Urban Outlaw, 50's), '66 Ford 427 Fairlane, '70 Plymouth AAR Cuda, Corvette Stingray (70's) and a modern Chevy Camaro Concept. Mattel has been releasing "Then and Now" models where they will take an older and a new version of a car and give them shared deco's. For this video, I did the '71 Dodge Challenger (then) and '15 Dodge Challenger SRT (now). Of course, what would a Hot Wheels video be without some of their fantasy models, or original Hot Wheels designs. See how Twinduction, Project Speeder, Monteracer, HW Rapid Responder, Fangster, Nitro Tailgater, Dawgzilla, Great Gatspeed and Chicane performed! To see previous Track Time by RaceGrooves presentations, here's my playlist: The red boosters came from my Max Trax Review: Hot Wheels Track Tips #1 Hot Wheels Track Tips #2 Track Builder Clamps (Bridge) Track Builder Playlist "Ghost" by Digital Juice (StackTraxx) Subscribe to Track Time! Subscribe to RaceGrooves Subscribe To Race Grooves Gaming Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Race Grooves local business page Facebook Race Grooves Community Google+

Diana and Hidden Surprise Toys

Surprise toys appear all over Diana's House! Can Roma and Diana find all presents to open?! Kids find hidden surprise toys and unpack them. Diana`s INSTAGRAM Subscribe to Kids Diana Show -

Diana Pretend Play with Ride On Horse Toy

Diana has a toy horse. A little girl plays and does not want to share a toy with her brother. Parents bought for the boy a new toy horse - big and beautiful Pony! Now Roma does not want to share a toy with his sister... Roma and Diana pretend play with ride on horse toy Diana`s INSTAGRAM Subscribe to Kids Diana Show -

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Hot Wheels Méga Garage Ultime Ultimate Garage Jouets Mattel Noel 2018

Le nouveau mega garage Hot Wheels est juste incroyable! Il est encore plus énorme que celui de l'année dernière: tu peux maintenant ranger jusqu'à 90 voitures dans ce garage ultime! Mais ce n'est pas tout, il est équipé d'un ascenseur automatique de 2 places, au centre du garage tu as meme un looping avec un requin qui cherche à manger les voitures. Il y aussi une station service et un atelier de réparation. Ce Méga Garage est le plus beau, le plus grand et le complet des garages #Hotwheels. Une très belle idée cadeau pour noel 2018. Tu peux acheter ce garage ici: Merci d'avoir regardé la vidéo #unboxing "Hot Wheels Méga Garage Ultime Ultimate Garage Jouets Mattel Noel 2018" N'oublie pas de t'abonner et d'activer la petite cloche 🔔 Discute avec moi ici: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: (@superherosetcie) INSTAGRAM: *** LA PLAYLIST DES JOUETS HOT WHEELS *** *** LA PLAYLIST DES JOUETS TENDANCE DE NOEL 2018 *** *** LE MATERIEL QUE J'UTILISE *** Caméscope: Action cam: Micro: Eclairage: Autre éclarage:

Rum Plays In A New Track Hot Vils Hot Wheels Sars For Boys Hot Wheels # 324
machines hot vils song hot wheels trackunboxing warm wheels sars about motors for kids sars for boys
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tracks hot wheels are the most incredible and cool tracks! tracks of hot cars and motors, even though they're the most favored tracks and machines of the Roma. Roma, like each boy, likes to look at movies and cartoons approximately vehicles for boys. to shoot a video about motors, even though Wils Roma virtually likes it. tracks warm vils are terrific video games and funky toys for boys. Roma very frequently performs machines warm vils and adores new tracks warm vils warm wheels. In this video we show a tune of warm wils - the builder of tracks. despite the fact that the track build builder is a accepted set, from the details of which you could accumulate numerous combos of tracks. the set consists of a cause mechanism for launching racing vehicles on the begin of the built track, in addition to an distinctive sports vehicle warm vils. building factors of the game set. The builder of tracks hot wheels are like minded with the info of different tracks.

tracks warm wheels (hot wheels) - that is the maximum super and funky tune! tracks and warm wheels. roma loves to look at motion pictures and cartoons about the clips malchikov.snimat video about hot wheels cars roma revel in. tracks hot wheels - a tremendous games and funky toys for boys. roma frequently performs hot wheels typewriters and loves new tracks hot wheels. vetom video. hot wheels tracks builder - a universal set of components that may be assembled. the package includes the trigger for the start of the race. production factors of the game set builder. cars for boys.

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