When You Got Free Weights Who Needs Machines?

author James Tiny Vest   3 month ago

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Reps Over Weight for Hypertrophy

What does this mean and why is it true or false?

James Tiny Vest Heart Attack?!

Where I've been and what's been going on.

Mr. Badwrench - "Mechanics" Who Butcher & Try To Hide It

Wanted to seize the opportunity to show you what a "mechanic" who is clearly dishonest and not trustworthy might do to a customer's car without the customer ever even knowing. There are "crooks" out there who practice this kind of "service" and they should not be in business. An honest "mistake" is one thing but THIS is an example of something completely unacceptable.

Earn Your Keep in The World

Did you earn your keep today? Did I? Will we tomorrow?

"Anabolic Window" NOT About Protein

Everyone has heard of this mythical "Anabolic Window." Is it real? Well, yes and no. It truly is one hell of an opportunity . . . but it is not about the ingestion of protein.

Free weights may be the "founding father tool chest" when considering weight training, but can free weights alone (without the utilization of machines) deliver the hypertrophy gains of your dreams?

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