Sana Juicer EUJ-808 - Cleaning Instructions

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Are Cheap Juicers Worth It?

Can you buy a quality slow juicer for under $100? We bought an inexpensive juicer from a local shop and compared it to a Sana 808 (Omega VSJ843 in the USA). We have an article on our website that takes a closer look at these "copycat' juicers.

Odšťavňovač SANA 808 - recenze

Šťávy jsou fakt dobrý návyk, do kterého se nám vyplatilo investovat :) Pro slevový kupón rozklikněte popisek ▼ Naše stránky: facebook: Díky za zapůjčení Sany. Je to skvělý přístroj, který za sebe nechá zaplatit, ale stojí to za to :) Zvažte jestli chcete zakomponovat šťávy do svého jídelníčku a pokud ano a rádi by jste "šťávovali" každý den, tak se vyplatí koupit kvalitní přístroj. Až se mi jednou nedej bože moje omega rozbije (a nebude už v záruce), tak bez váhání za odšťavňovač těch 8 - 12 tisíc dám, protože to bude v mym životě už asi naposledy :) SLEVA 5% - použijte slevový kupón "Varit ci nevarit" - napište při nákupu do poznámky "Varit ci nevarit" - použijte slevový kupón "VN108108"

Sana Juicer by Omega EUJ-808

Работа шнековой соковыжималки Sana Juicer by Omega EUJ-808. Часть первая. Фруктовые соки.

Simple Juice Recipes for Beginners + Juicing 101 | JUICING WITH DREA

▶ Check out my gear on Kit: Juicing With Drea has made it to Youtube! In this series, I'll be sharing some of my favorite juice recipes! I'll be experimenting with different fruits and vegetables and making random but delicious concoctions lol! You all asked so I delivered! I hope you all enjoy! If you try your version of any of the juices, let me know and share with me how it turned out! Instagram: @DreaDeniise for more Juicing with Drea clips +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Purchase my Book, Journey Unexpected here: -------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: @DreaDeniise Tweet me, I’ll tweet back! Twitter: @DreaDeniise Read posts in detail! Blog: Facebook Page: ❤️ =============================================== --------Common Questions——— Age: 24 Editing Software: Final Cut Pro and Photoshop Camera: Canon t5i or (sony a5100 or my good ole iPhone for vlogging) Height: 5’5 ============================================= This video may contain affiliate links meaning if you click on the link and buy, I may receive a small commission. All opinions are always my own and I will NEVER endorse or promote a product to you all that I do not like or use myself. (I love you all far too much!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For business and sponsorship opportunities (ONLY):

Vertical juicer comparison 2018

Are wide feeding tubes really better than narrow? We compare four different types of feeding tubes with different ingredients to see which are the easiest to use with a variety of ingredients. 0:20 - 1:40 Introduction 1:40 - 2:00 Ingredients being juiced 2:00 - 3:15 Why aren't all juicers wide-mouthed? 3:15 - 6:00 Our experiences with both types - pros and cons 6:00 - 7:25 Omega MMV introduction 7:25 - 8:45 Kuvings Evolution introduction 8:45 - 10:10 Sana 828 introduction 10:10 - 11:20 Hurom HA-I introduction 11:20 - 16:30 Omega MMV juicing 16:30 - 21:40 Kuvings Evolution juicing 21:40 - 27:40 Sana 828 juicing 27:40 - 34:10 Hurom HA-I juicing 34:10 - 35:20 Juicing+cleaning times 35:20 - 36:00 How they did - carrots 36:00 - 36:50 How they did - berries 36:50 - 38:15 How they did - apples 38:15 - 38:50 How they did - kale 38:50 - 40:05 How they did - spinach 40:05 - 41:05 Concluding thoughts 41:05 - 41:18 Results chart

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