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ダシ巻き玉子焼 Japanese Omelette

だし巻き玉子の作り方 回転寿司旬楽 恵庭 北海道 How to make a Japanese rolled omelette ( Dashimaki Tamago ) as demonstrated by the Master Chef at the Shunraku Kaiten Sushi Restaurant, Shunraku on Route 36 Eniwa Hokkaido. 材料 Ingredients 玉子 eggs 8 砂糖 sugar 30g 塩 salt 3g みりん Mirin 1tsp (1パイ) 酒 Sake 1 tsp (1パイ) カツオダシ Bonito Stock 180ml

How to Make Leche Flan

This video on how to make leche flan is the HD version of the same original leche flan recipe that was uploaded back in 2009. Leche flan is probably the most popular Filipino dessert. It resembles Creme Caramel. It is simply made of eggs, milk, and sugar. Get the complete version of this recipe here:

PANCAKE in My Kusina

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! It's been a while and so I will make it up to you with this two version of pancake. Thanks for your support and don't forget to subscribe and share this to your friends. Thanks again and God bless! EXTRA FLUFFY PAN CAKE Bowl #1 THE DRY INGREDIENTS 1 FLUFFY PAN CAKE 1 cup APF 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon fine salt 1 tablespoon sugar Bowl # 2 THE WET INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoon oil 1 cup evap milk Bowl # 3 THE MERINGUE 1 egg white 1 tablespoon sugar 1. Sift and Combine all the dry ingredients and mix well 2. Combine all the wet ingredients and mix it well 3. Beat the egg white to soft peak with the sugar. 4. Preheat your pan. 5. Go back to your unfinished pan cake 6. Combine the dry and the wet ingredients. 7. Add in a scoop of the meringue mix it a bit. 8. Add in the rest of the meringue 9. Fold it, make sure not to over mix. 10. Adjust the heat from low to medium 11. Use an ice cream scooper or whatever is available to scoop your batter and help it spread a little. 12. Check the bottom part of the pancake if its already golden brown in color its time to flip. 13. Serve with butter, sugar, evap milk or any toppings of your choice. 14. Serve and enjoy! Bowl # 1 THE DRY INGREDIENTS 1 cup APF 2 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon fine salt Bowl #2 THE WET INGREDIENTS 1 egg 1 cup milk 2 tablespoon oil 1. Sift and Combine all the dry ingredients and mix well 2. Combine all the wet ingredients and mix it well 3. Preheat your pan and leave while finishing your pan cake batter. 4. While pre heating your pan, combine the two mixture the wet and the dry ingredients mix it together but make sure not to over mix it. 5. Use 1/3 measuring cup or any scoop that you have in scooping your batter to ensure that all your pan cake will be of the same size. 6. Cook pan cake in a wok or a non stick pan in MEDIUM HEAT. 7. Serve with butter, sugar, evap milk or any toppings of your choice. 8. Serve and Enjoy! CONTACTS: EMAIL ME @ FACEBOOK LATEST RECIPES UBE AN CHOCO CHAMPORADO SIPO EGG BUKO PANDAN JUICE SPICY ASADO SHRIMP BAGOONG ALAMANG GARLIC BUTTER SHRIMP OKOY SEAFOODS KARE SINIGANG NA HIPON STIR FRIED SAUCY SHRIMP BEEF CLASSIC CALDERETA FISH STEAMED MAYA MAYA STEAMED FISH IN SOY AND TOFU KINILAW NA DILIS INIHAW SA KAWALI SWEET AND SOUR HASA HASA SINIGANG SA MISO GINTAANG MATAMBAKOL SINIGANG NA GALUNGGONG SWEET AND SOUR FISH FILLET CHICKEN CHICKEN MAMI CHICKEN ARROZCALCO SINIGANG SA KAMATIS WHOLE FRIED CHICKEN CHICKEN WING ADOBO CHICKEN CURRY ADOBONG CHICKEN FEET PORK SHANGHAI BREADED DYNAMITE PORK TALUNAN BINAGOONGAN GINISANG GINILING Credits Audio Library – No Copyright Music Vlog No Copyright Music


Hai guys karena banyak yg request cara membuat pancake ini maka kali ini sy mo share resep pancake ala Jepang alias Dorayaki yah😉 Texture pancake lembut dan permukaannya mulus.. Untuk pengembang bisa pake baking powder atau soda kue.. Sy pribadi lbh cocok pake baking powder.. Bahannya: 2butir telur 30gr gula 1sdt madu 110gr tepung protein sedang (segitiga biru) 20gr susu bubuk (dancow) optional ato bole ganti essence vanilla 1/2sdt baking powder double action 50ml susu cair Selamat mencoba😉 Lihat video jg untuk ide pancake tipis ala2 jajanan Bangkok😁😁😁 __ Subscribe this channel: Follow my instagram: @yackikuka

My pancake pets (pancake art)


Step by step instructions to make delicious soft thick pancakes.

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Best Pancakes Ever Recipe
Recipes yields about 20 pancakes

Recipe in METRIC Units:
3 eggs
570ml Milk
455g Self Raising Flour
170g Caster Sugar
3 heaped teaspoons Baking Powder

If you only have plain flour then add an extra teaspoon of baking powder.

1. First break the 3 eggs into a large jug or bowl
2. Pour the pint of milk into the eggs
3. Whisk the eggs and milk together
4. Add the dry ingredients. First the 1lb of raising flour, then the 6 oz of caster sugar, finally the 3 teaspoons of baking powder
5. Whisk all ingredients together
6. Leave the batter to rise for about one hour
7. Take a large spoon and beat the batter to a thick dropping consistency
8. If batter is too thick add a splash of milk
9. Heat a large frying pan or griddle on a medium heat
10. Wrap a piece of butter in a serviette to grease the pan
11. Now turn the heat up to full and use the spoon to dollop the batter on to the pan
12. Leave the pancakes to cook until bubbles appear and the edges dull
13. Separate them with a spatula if they have stuck together
14. Flip them with the spatula
15. They should be evenly browned to both sides
16. Flip a towel over the top to keep them soft
17. There is nothing nicer than a warm pancake with butter and jam. Enjoy.

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