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Beginner's Guide to Going VEGAN 🍠🌿

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My journey to start a plant based diet was one of the best decisions i have ever made. Although when i first started i did wonder what products to buy and where to start, so i thought of just giving you the basics that could maybe help you in some sort of way. This was just the beginning for me so all these options are not all part of my diet as of now. I am in the kitchen a lot more then i use to be and you guys will figure out as time goes by that there are so many recipes out there that you will experiment with and love! hope this made it just a little easier! Please like and Suscribe for more ! and let me know what products are your favorites out there =) 1- Replace all your dairy products 2- DON'T BE SCARED OF GRAINS. they are so good for you especially whole grains! 3- stock up on veggies and fruits. Plan ahead with simple recipes ! 5 - seasoning / condiments- replace your favorite mayo, Caesar dressing , ranch etc; with vegan friendly ones . You can also prepare your own. 6- Legumes- make lots to keep in your fridge 7- snacks - have back up snacks, healthy and non healthy Take a look at my quick video on Accidentally Vegan junk food : Video Edits: Dreams by Joakim Karud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library


New videos every Wednesday and SATURDAY (not Friday, oops!) Hi everyone, welcome to another vegan guide video! I think I'm going to start making these videos on a regular basis for people that are new to the lifestyle. I feel like many people that may be interested in veganism may simply not know enough about how to live this way. Even the task of shopping for groceries may seem daunting for some, who simply don't know what to eat or buy! I was just about to film a regular grocery haul video until I realised this haul would be quite good as a guide for new vegans who may be wondering what to buy at the grocery store. It covers a wide range of products that is good to stock up on. Most of the products are very easily accessible for any grocery store around the world. I try to stick to basics and keep it simple - and cheap, of course. As much as I do love to have vegan treats and gourmet vegan snacks once in a while, the majority of what I buy to eat on a regular basis looks something like this haul. NOTE: These are simply the typical foods that I like to buy for MY diet, and you DO NOT have to follow the diet that I follow. Veganism is not one way of eating or one way of living, it can be suited to your own needs. This is simply an idea of what you might want to consider buying if you are going vegan and interested in veganism! I hope you guys like this and find it helpful. Please share it with anyone who may be wondering what in the world to buy as a vegan! VEGAN GROCERY LIST (prices in GBP): Wholemeal bread - £0.75 Jordans Natural Muesli - £2.00 Onion Granules (they replaced this with onion gravy granules) - £0.74 Vegetable Stock Cubes - £0.75 Frozen Summer Fruits - £2.00 Frozen Black Forest Fruits - £2.00 Mangos x3 - £2.55 Bananas (20) - £2.31 Broccoli x2 - £0.98 Carrots (1kg) - £0.57 Trimmed leeks - £1.00 Celery - £0.80 King Edward Potatoes (2.5kg) - £2.00 Onions (1kg) - £0.74 Sweet Potatoes (1kg) x2 - £1.70 Almond Milk X2 - £2.00 Oat Milk - £1.39 Long Grain Brown Rice (1kg) - £1.74 Brown Basmati Rice (1kg) - £1.78 Cous Cous (500g) - £0.65 Canned Black Eyed Beans X4 - £1.00 Canned Chick Peas X4 - £1.00 Frozen mixed vegetables 1kg - £0.98 Frozen brussels sprouts 1kg - £1.00 Frozen whole green beans 750g - £1.00 Frozen sweet corn 1kg - £0.99 Pickled gherkins 900ml - £1.00 Chopped tomatoes in tomato juice X4 - £1 Brown chick peas (dry) 2kg - £2.50 Chick peas (dry) 2kg - £2.50 Garlic powder 400g - £1.49 Red kidney beans 500g - £1.09 Red split lentils 2kg - £2.50 Alpro dark chocolate soya dessert - £1.50 Alpro heavenly velvet vanilla soya dessert - £1.50 TOTAL COST - £51.34 New videos every Wednesdays and Saturdays! Make sure you like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE :) Also... I've recently become a Vegan Cuts Ambassador :) Check out their site here to sign up for a box or see what products they have to offer: Check out the individual boxes + marketplace here: Snack Box: Beauty Box: Marketplace: Vegan Starter Kit: --------------------------------------- FIND ME :) Business Inquiries - My Vegan Channel - My Travel/Daily Vlog Channel - My Beauty Channel - Instagram - Personal Instagram - Facebook - Tumblr - Twitter - Snapchat - itsrosatron --------------------------------------- Check Out My Other Videos - Why I Went Vegan (My Vegan Story) - Vegan Meal Prep #1 - How to: Vegan Breakfast & Lunch - How to: Vegan Dinner - Is It Moral to Eat Meat? - Are We "Designed" to Eat Meat? - --------------------------------------- Check out these sources for information about veganism - Vegan Starter Kit - Vegan Cuts Starter Kit: Why Vegan? - Psychology of Eating Meat - Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Truth About The Egg Industry - 101 Reasons to go vegan - Cowspiracy - --------------------------------------- Music by YouTube Music Library


Hello, We all know how frustrating it can be to toss out a barley used bunch of greens, in this video I share some helpful tips on what works for me. I hope they work as well for you xx ----------------------------------------­­­­­­-----------------------------------­-­- Follow Me! ♥ Social Media ♥ Business Inquiries: God Bless you! MUSIC: ♫ Track: Atmosphere Artist: MI77ER ●Support MI77ER ●Twitter: ●Youtube: ●Instagram: ●Soundcloud: Bring You Back By Mount Dope is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Release: License: Promoted By : Aman Shine Khanuja [ The Man Behind CCFML ;-) ] This Music is promoted on Creative Commons Free Music Library ( Allowed For Reuse & Monetization )

5 VEGAN BREAKFAST RECIPES | 3 Ingredient Vegan Pancake Gluten Free

5 Delicious Vegan Breakfast Recipes including 3 Ingredient Vegan Pancakes which are also gluten free! Vegan Christmas Dinner 7 Recipes: Join me at Rachel Ama on YouTube too! Vegan Pancakes 1 Cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk 3/4-1 Cup of Oats (measured by consistency) 1/2 Ripe Banana Berrie Bowl Frozen Berries Oats Almond Milk Ice Agave Flaxseeds Protein Powder (Optional) Granola Banana Hemp Seeds Chia Pudding 1 Cup Coconut Milk 1/4 Cup Chia Seeds Agave Pomegranate Blue Berries Flaxseeds Green Juice Handful of Spinach 2 Cups of Coconut Water 1 Date 1 Tablespoon Wheatgrass 1 Kiwi 1 Banana Vegan Fry Up Plantain Mushrooms Peppers Red Onions Garlic Avocado Lemon Salt, Pepper, Chili Flakes Wholemeal Bread **FOLLOW US** Rachel's instagram - David's instagram - twitter - _____________________________________________________________ EQUIPTMENT *BLENDER USA - UK - *CAMERA USA - UK - *MICROPHONE USA - UK - _____________________________________________________________ CONTACT

Welcome back to my three part series on Veganism for Beginners. In this video I bring you on a shopping trip with me to see what types of foods you can get for a price that still stays on budget. Learn about foods I recommend to give you a healthy kick start to your new life as a vegan!

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