Madam's School for sex workers

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Director - Shravan Uttamrao Kharat Screenplay - Shravan Uttamrao Kharat Story - Abhay Bartakke Dailogues - Shravan Kharat | Abhay Bartakke Editing - Shravan Uttamrao Kharat Director of Photography - Shravan Uttamrao Kharat ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actors Shama - Archana Shinde Sarang - Abhay Bartakke Background Music Royalty Free Music - Sad Piano Instrumental Restless Natives", Doug Maxwell - Angry Mood Instrumental Cinematic Music Epic and Emotional Music ♪♬ - Parallel (Copyright and Royalty Free)

அதிகமாக பாலியல் தொழில் நடக்கும் இடம் இங்குதான் தெரியமா...

உலகிலேயே அதிகமாக பாலியல் தொழில் நடக்கும் இடம் இங்குதான் தெரியமா? எல்லா வீடுகளிலும் ..

ट्यूशन टीचर को नहाते हुए देखा | Tuition Teacher Se Pyaar | Teacher Student True Love Story

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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace | Campaigns of the World

"Let The Voice Be Yours" Women's Day short film A Lin Productions initiative in collaboration with Bombay Diaries conceptualised by Anupama Ahluwalia. Music/ Background Tune: Anusree Audios and Videos Watch more campaigns related to women's day at ------------------------------ Follow us to stay updated: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: ------------------------------ Video Related to: Sexual Harassment of Women, Sexual Harassment at office, Sexual Harassment at workplace, Sexual Harassment with girl, employment discrimination, Men watching boobs, men staring at boobs, Men will be men, Girls showing boobs in office, Women showing boobs, Women problems in office, Office environment for women, Women success, Sexual Harassment Law, Sexual Harassment law in India, Women safety in office, girl stripping in office, Men watching boobs, I love my boobs, Indian lady hot, Hot Indian employee, Office Girl Strip, Shameless men, best workplace for women

Dusshera Chowk, is a famous red light area with about 200 CSW (commercial sex workers) and 30 - 40 children in Sangli, Maharashtra. Madam Bandawa, who heads the red light area is keen on educating her girls and their children. She teaches everyday between 4-6pm basic reading, writing and math mainly to help with money management for better optimized savings. This story brings the audience closer to the life and experiences of sex workers. It is a sincere attempt to highlight the importance of basic human rights and the right to education.

"Madam's School for Sex Workers" was a finalist in the Professional Category of The Good Story Competition, Conducted by Singaporean NGO, Our Better World.
Official Selection for Rolling Frames Film Festival,
Top 20 in Cineshorts Season 1.

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