How to write a professional book in 30 days

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How to Write a Killer Book Review in 5 Easy Steps |

Want to write a book review but don't know where to start? Here is my 5-step process for writing a book review that not only gets the job done, but also stands apart from other books reviews. Download your one-page cheat sheet here: Read the blog post here: Visit to discover new fantasy and science fiction and start reading for free!

How To Write A Book For Beginners

Learn More About How To Write A Book For Beginners Here: In this video Stefan talks and answers a question he gets a lot which is how to write a book for beginners. "I've written a few of my own book. I'm also a blogger and a writer of I also helped a lot of writers and authors to be able to write their books, publish them and do very very well with it. So my outcome with this video is to be able to help you get started to write your own book. But not just get started but also finish it because that's the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is for you to complete your book so that you can publish it, you can get it out there and start making money from it, you can have an impact and you can have your message be heard. You don't want your message to die at your lips. Unfortunately I've seen this happened time and time again with many authors and aspiring authors out there." ★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST: ★☆★ ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ ★☆★ FOLLOW ME BELOW: ★☆★ Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Podcast: ★☆★ MY PRODUCTS & COURSES: ★☆★ Life Mastery Accelerator ► Online Business Mastery Accelerator ► Morning Ritual Mastery ► Affiliate Marketing Mastery ► Kindle Money Mastery ► 24 Hour Book Program ► Kindle Optimizer ► ★☆★ RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: ★☆★

How to Make a Book from Scratch

I'll show you how to make a leather bound sketch book completely from scratch for next to nothing!

12 Writing Tips Every Writer Must Know - Writing Hacks!

Writing a book can be challenging, but not if you know these 12 writing tips that will help you write better and quicker. These writing hacks are without a doubt going to help you to become a better writer and it will also help with describing your characters, naming your characters, making time to write, and much more. If you're looking for writing tips to help you with writing a book, this video will share 12 writing hacks to help you along the way! If you're discouraged, looking for inspiration, and tips on how to write a novel or a non-fiction book, you've come to the right place. Let me assist you with writing a book! DOWNLOAD HOW TO FIND BETA READERS EBOOK: SCHEDULE YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION: Stefanie Newell is the go-to writing coach for the first time writer who’s looking for direction on how to write and publish their first book. Her videos, coaching , training programs, and YouTube videos have impacted thousands of authors to unleash their authentic voice and share their message through the pages of their book. HOW TO WRITE YOUR FIRST BOOK: ***SUBSCRIBE NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY!*** WEBSITE PERSONAL WEBSITE: MY RECOMMENDATIONS: JOIN MY MAILING LIST: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: thelifeofawriter FACEBOOK: CAMERA: Canon T3i (similar) EDITING: Final Cut Pro X LIGHTING: PBL Studio Lighting Kit TRIPOD: Dolica Proline Tripod INTRO MUSIC - FOR BUSINESS & BOOKING INQUIRIES (INCLUDING SPONSORSHIPS) USE THE CONTACT PAGE AT *Please only use this address for business inquiries. * This description contains affiliate links.

How to Start the Process of Writing Your First Book

Unsure what to do with your half-written manuscript? Clear off the dust and learn how to start the process of writing your first book and publishing it. Then head across to to learn how to preorder my new book The Freedom Plan. Also watch my latest video on how to presell your book before you've written a word

Get your free #NaNoWriMo training

If you need help writing a professional quality book quickly, check out this free training.

It includes a set of 6 free book templates, online video training, downloadable MP3 and PDFs - all for FREE.

Written by an author who has written 6 books and work as a consultant and published over 1000 guides for the UK Government.

Don't risk your reputation - write a great professional book.

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