The Greatest Potato"e" Salad In The World

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Pinoy Style Chicken Macaroni Salad

This video will show you How to Make Pinoy Style Chicken Macaroni Salad. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare. The complete list of ingredients are included in the video. Enjoy! Visit for more recipes More about me: My name is Vanjo Merano. I live in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I work as an IT professional, but cooking has been my passion since I was a kid. I created Panlasang Pinoy (the blog and this youtube channel) to promote Filipino food and Filipino Cuisine to the world. Who shoots your video and who creates the recipes? I shoot all the videos myself and I write and develop my own recipes. What equipment do you use? I started the videos back in 2009 using a Pentax point and shoot camera. It is a priced possession because it helped me take this channel to where it is today. At present, I use Panasonic Hc-X920, Sony FDR-AX100 4K Ultra HD Camcorder, and Nikon D5. Learn more about me and my work by visiting Follow Panlasang Pinoy Follow me on IG: Follow on Facebook: Follow on Google: Subscribe to our VLOG ( Panlasang Pinoy Life) Subscribe to Speedy Recipe (Dey's (my wife) food and cooking channel)

How to Make German Potato Salad

SUBSCRIBE here: This German potato salad recipe comes from the south of Germany. It is the Swabian version and is very simple to make. All you need are potatoes, a little onion, parsley, oil, vinegar and salt. It has a very tiny amount of mayonnaise that helps it emulsify. Unfortunately, I really don't have a recipe per say for this potato salad. What I mean is you will have to taste is as you go and adjust the flavors. It has to taste like a salt and vinegar chip so don't be scared to add the salt and vinegar. This salad is not good for you but it sure is good. It is not something you would eat on a daily basis. I make is two to three times during the Summer. You will notice in this video that I use my hands to prepare this. This is necessary as you have to make this with slices potato and try and leave it as intact as possible. If you use a spoon or spatula you run the risk of mashing the potatoes. It is also important that you are careful when cooking the potatoes. You need to cook them in a pot with salted water (be generous with the salt) that is not boiling furiously. Let the potatoes simmer in the pot ans start checking them in around 20 minutes by piercing them with a long fork. If the potato is cooked the fork will go through easily. Once the potatoes are ready remove them one by one onto a flat pan. Do not dump them into the sink as they will get banged and mashed. Cook them down and then peel them. Many years ago I used to own a deli in Meredith, NH. It was called Lake Shore Deli and this was one of the most popular salads we had. People would come over from every where to purchase it. We were famous for our German potato salad recipe.


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Stick The Ice Cube In The Mashed Potatoes. This Will Be...

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for a first-hand look at all our best recipes! You can find these recipes on our website or below ↓↓. Bookmark Article: *********************************************************************** *11 Creative Potato Snacks* 1. Potato Pockets: 2. Potato Spirals: 3. Potato Nests: 4. Cheesy Hash Brown Patties: 5. Mashed Potato Muffins: 6. Cheesy Potato Towers: 7. Stuffed Tater Waffles: 8. Potato Flowers: 9. Patatas Bravas: 10. Stuffed Duchess Potatoes: 11. Spicy Potato Balls:

Perfect Potato Salad - 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver

A good potato salad is key to a great bbq, picnic or buffet style lunch and Jamie has one to suit every taste with his Real Deal Potato Salad recipe. Keep it simple with a lemon and olive oil dressing, add some creaminess with yogurt and mustard or go the whole hog with crispy bacon bits and pan fried breadcrumbs. Soft, crunchy full of flavour and texture, this easy dish will wow your guests and make whatever you serve it with taste amazing. Links from the video: How to Griddle Veg | Roast Potato 3 Ways | For more nutrition info, click here: Subscribe to Food Tube | Subscribe to Drinks Tube | Subscribe to Family Food Tube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | More great recipes | Jamie's Recipes App | #FOODTUBE x

Chef Grandma Mary - making her world famous potato salad recipe.

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