The Most Satisfying Cake Decorating Video! Top 10 AMAZING CAKES SKILLS SUPER HUMAN GOD LEVEL

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طرق مبتكرة و جديدة 2018 لتزيين الكيك والحلويات والنتيجة لن تتوقعوها أبداا 🍰

#2طرق مبتكرة و جديدة 2018 لتزيين الكيك والحلويات والنتيجة لن تتوقعوها أبداا 🍰 قناة "شاشة المعرفة "تمنحك رحلة مسلية فى عالم مليء بالمعرفة والعلم ................................................ فتابعونا ولا تبخلو علينا بالإشتراك معنا ! ****** شكرا على المشاهدة و مشاركة المقاطع ^^ ***** ★Like★ & ★Subcribe★ For ★★★ My Channel ❤❤ 。.。:+* ゚ ゜゚ *+:。.。:+* ゚ ゜゚ *+:。.。.。:+* ゚ ゜゚ *+:。.。:+* ゚ ゜゚ * لا تنسى دعمنا بلايك وتعليق على الفيديو رائع -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

EVERYDAY OBJECTS as cakes! - Amazing CAKES

We believe that anything can be turned into a cake!

How to Make a Mirror Cake (Mirror Glaze Cake) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

More Cake Trends Tutorials : Today I am showing you how to make the popular mirror cake! The mirror cake is like an entremet dessert that is covered by a boiled sugar and condensed milk glaze. Inside Out Cake: ********************** More videos: RAINBOW CAKE RECIPES: JELLO RECIPES: FOOD IMPOSTER RECIPES: HOMEMADE CAKES: ********************** BUY MY COOKBOOK: Visit my blog at: Subscribe: Subscribe to my NEW SECOND CHANNEL: ********************** Mirror Cake Ingredients: -8" Vanilla cake ( -8" Jello round (red and blue) -White chocolate mousse ( top layer only) -Mirror Cake glaze (recipe below) -Edible gelatin bubbles ( -Blue and white candies, dragees, gum balls Glaze Ingredients: -200 grams sweetened condensed milk -300 grams granulated sugar -150 grams water -350 grams white chocolate chips -19 grams gelatin (+ 1/2 cup water to bloom) Glaze Procedure: 1. Bloom gelatin with 1/2 cup of water and set aside for 5 minutes. 2. Heat milk, sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Place chocolate chips in a large heat proof bowl. 3. Stir in bloomed gelatin until it's dissolved. 4. Pour hot mixture over chocolate and let sit for 5 minutes. Once chocolate has softened, use an immersion blender to smooth mixture. Pour mixture through a sieve to remove any remaining lumps. 5. Allow glaze to cool to 33C before pouring. Cake assembly 1. Place cake in the bottom of a spring-form pan. Cover cake with a couple of cups of mousse. Place jello round on top of the cake/mousse, Pour remaining mousse on top of the Jello and smooth mousse flat with an offset spatula. Place cake in the freezer to solidify. 2. Once the cake is chilled, the glaze can be applied. 3. Position cake on a pedestal over a bowl/pan that is larger than the cake. Start the pour of the glaze around the outside of the cake, working towards the center. Make sure that the glaze covers the sides of the cake, right down to the base. 4. Let the glaze drip for 5 minutes, cut the drips off from under the cake plate, and place onto a serving plate. 5. Serve immediately.

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Can you pass this tricky eye test | If you solve 13/16 you are a genius | Can you? Please subscribe us: -----------More videos from eye tests --------------- * WHAT NUMBER DO YOU SEE ? 98% FAIL * * Nobody Can See All The Hidden Object। Optical Illusions * * Do you have good EYES * ONLY PEOPLE WITH AMAZING COLOR VISION CAN READ ALL THESE LETTERS - EYES TEST ------------------------------ All the images used are of public domain and free of use without attribution and can be downloaded from (Thumbs for pixabay) and and google image for reused Music: Support authors TheFatRat - Time Lapse Youtube link: Free download: iTunes: Follow THE FAT RAT: ● Facebook: ● Soundcloud: ● Twitter: ------------------------------ Facts4U is interesting channel about funny, weir things, cool things,... with videos. For copyright matters please contact us at

The Most Oddly Satisfying Art Video In The World!

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The Most Satisfying Cake Decorating Video - Top 10 AMAZING CAKES SKILLS SUPER HUMAN GOD LEVEL

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