HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE CAKE VIDEOS 💟 Cake Style 2017 💟 Most Satisfying Cakes Decorating Videos

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The Final CAKEdown! Easy Cutting Hacks to Make Number Cakes | Easy Cake Decorating Ideas by So Yummy

Get ready for the countdown with our final CAKEdown cake decoration ideas! For more number cakes hacks and other easy cake decorating ideas, join the So Yummy squad About So Yummy So Yummy brings you fun food ideas and recipes for your cooking and baking adventures. We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Enjoy our collection of fun and easy food tutorials! With recipes ranging from healthy dinners, to sugary sweet delights, there's a plethora of creative options to spice up your home cooking. Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you how to cook and bake these recipes with ease. Thanks for watching, and subscribe today by clicking the link below! #soyummy #cake #desserts


INCREDIBLE FRUIT HACKS We really love fruits as they contain a lot of vitamins, fiber, minerals and are so easy to eat. Here are a lot of tips on how to peel and cut fruits a lot faster and even few recipes of perfect fruit dishes! Watermelon is a king of fruits not only because of its size but also, it’s sooo tasty! It’s one of the best summer fruits and we have a collection of watermelon hacks. Forget the knife and don’t how to cut a watermelon without a knife? Use dental floss and this lifehack really works! We already showed you a lot of Cola hacks and this time you can make an awesome dessert out of cola and watermelon. Cut two holes in watermelon, pour Cola inside. After that cut and eat! This is a brilliant recipe for a party. Another perfect treat for the party is watermelon cake. And you don’t need to bake it, this recipe looks so good and doesn’t require much effort. Cut off a watermelon's rind then cover in whipped cream with berries. Yummy! Learn the easiest way to cut and serve the watermelon using wooden sticks. Check out more life-changing genius fruit hacks: -take a mixer whisk to peel the kiwi. Cut the kiwi in a half and insert mixer whisk and turn around -check out an easy way to cut a pomegranate -make roses out of strawberries - cook perfect and easy rose shaped apple buns -roll an orange before peeling it. This action will ease and speed up the process -hull strawberries using a straw and fill with chocolate. Perfect dessert is ready! As a bonus, you will find how to cut vegetables and decorate dishes, how to make baked onion lotus and smart way to cut and peel avocado! Don’t forget to subscribe and share our awesome kitchen hacks with your friends! TIMESTAMPS: 00:18 Use dental floss to cut a watermelon 00:53 Quickest way to cut a pomegranate 03:07 Strawberry roses 04:52 Baked onion lotus 05:38 Apple swan 06:07 Perfect apple buns ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound:


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Amazing MAKE UP/FASHION Cakes and Cupcakes Compilation by Cakes StepbyStep

Hi! Today I bring you a compilation video with make up and fashion cakes and cupcakes from my channel. Enjoy watching! *To stay up to date with my latest videos, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this YouTube channel (if you are not). *To find out more about the items I use, please visit: *You can support this channel by sharing my videos. Thank you! *****************FOLLOW ME******************* *FACEBOOK *INSTAGRAM *PINTEREST CakesStepbyStep is about cakes and cupcakes decorating with fondant and buttercream frosting. Also you can watch simple chocolate decoration techniques and cake recipes. Learn with me basic cake decoration techniques which will help you to decórate your own cake masterpiece. HAVE FUN! Music from Youtube Audio Library

HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE CAKE VIDEOS 💟 Cake Style 2017 💟 Most Satisfying Cakes Decorating Videos

Sacher torte is a classic Austrian chocolate cake layered with apricot preserves. Lidia Bastianich’s version uses the preserves three ways: for moistening the cake layers, as a thick filling between the layers and as a glaze to seal the cake before covering it in chocolate. The cake is moist and luscious on its own, but it’s also delicious served the traditional way, with unsweetened whipped cream.

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