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4 High-End Careers (NO DEGREE REQUIRED)

Free Training To A Brand New High-End Career (limited time only 2018) What are high paying careers that don't require a degree? I got a useless degree, what are good jobs that I can get? Getting a good job without a degree. 6-figure jobs without a degree & telecommuting jobs. How I Become A Digital Nomad in 2 Months Via Digital Marketing: Go to to refresh stuff for yourself. I also encourage you to go to & look through the job postings

How I Got a Job at Google as a Software Engineer (without a Computer Science Degree!)

How to get a job at Google: Here are the 6 steps I personally used for getting a job at Google as a software engineer (without a computer science degree). Resources for software engineer interviews: - Cracking the Coding Interview: - Leetcode: - Also my course on Udemy, 11 Essential Coding Interview Questions:

Should I Get Further Education (Master's, PhD, MBA, and More)?

In this video I discuss whether you should get further education beyond a bachelor's degree. There are many types of further schooling you can go into including a master's and phd, medical school, nursing school, pharmacy school, law school, MBA, etc. For many careers like becoming a doctor, dentist, or vet you definitely need that further education, but for many other careers it's not so obvious. People get an MBA when they want to go into a business related field or management of some kind. An MBA is something that can also help you ease your way into the business field from another field like engineering. However, you should wait a few years and get real world experience before pursuing an MBA because it doesn't always help and isn't always needed. Engineers really don't NEED to get anything past a bachelor's in order to start their career. A master's does help for those who want to go more into research though. The people doing research and design work at companies are typically those with higher degrees. Students who are considering chemistry, biochemistry, or biology should really consider getting a master's (assuming they are not going into healthcare like becoming a doctor, pharmacist, etc). It's been said by a lot of graduates that they felt it was tough to move up in their career with just a bachelor's in one of those sciences. If you want to do more of the design work in medicine as an example, you'll need to go beyond a bachelor's. For math and physics you also don't NEED to get a master's or PhD in order to start your career. Pure math students usually will get a master's and PhD because they want to work in academia doing research/become a professor. If you want to do physics research as well then you should get a master's or PhD. Overall getting further education, specifically a master's or PhD, is a great way to increase your salary, learn more about a field, qualify for certain jobs, or have a change in your career. Some of the downsides include how much it costs and the time it will take. Make sure to do your own research on the field you want to go into so you know whether it's worth the time and money. BLS Article: *************************************************** ► For more information on math, science, and engineering majors, check us out at *************************************************** ► Patreon: ► PayPal: ► Facebook:

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis

Class details: Mike Mandel is an expert at handwriting analysis, otherwise known as graphology. This introductory video is meant as a fun and informative way to introduce graphology to you. Enjoy! Check out our website at for lots more awesome stuff related to hypnosis, personal development and self improvement.

10 Celebs Who Gave Up Fame To Work Normal Jobs

Celebrities who quietly work normal jobs. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos you might like: 10 Kids Ellen DeGeneres Made Famous 10 Famous People "Too Ugly" for Hollywood 10 Ridiculous Posts of the Rich Kids of Snapchat 10 People Who Accidentally Adopted Monsters Living life in the spotlight, having millions of adoring fans, and seeing your face on the covers of magazines and billboards sounds like a dream to most people. But then, there are a group of Hollywood stars who lived this same lifestyle, and they gave it all up without any hesitation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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