Globglogabgalab but only when he says words that exist

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Globglogabgalab Lore - The Most Powerful Being In The MonsterVerse

Original - Welcome to this simply delicious video, The Globglogabgalab also known as the yeast of thoughts and mind is the most powerful being to ever exist the most powerful of cosmic entities, the likes of Cthulhu shudder in fear of the power that resides within the Globglogabgalab. It is believed that the Globglogabgalabdraws its power from something called Schwibbel Glibberkind, what this is this unknown entity, many believe it to be some kind of cosmic matter, but I believe it is a lifeform that has existed since the dawn of space and time itself and has traveled through quantum space looking for the perfect host. Why do I think Schwibbel Glibberkind is a life form, well because we know that the form the Globglogabgalab takes is not his true form. The Globglogabgalab was once a forest elf hand created by the great Elohim, now it is believed that Elohim is the only entity capable of halting an unknown darkness that will appear at some point in time to syphon all energy from the multiverse, I believe that this darkness is the Schwibbel Glibberkind so Elohim is the only entity capable of halting the progress of theSchwibbel Glibberkind, that is why the Schwibbel Glibberkind decided to target The Globglogabgalab because he was one of Elohim's most trusted and loved creations. The Schwibbel Glibberkind lured The Globglogabgalab with promises of untapped magic and cosmic energy. They hid in the form of a book, that once read would open up the reader's thoughts and mind to infection from the Schwibbel Glibberkind. That is why The Globglogabgalab is known as the yeast of thoughts and mind. But why does all of this make The Globglogabgalab the most powerful being to ever exist and why does this make him so dangerous. Well because The Globglogabgalab's powers act like a yeast feeding off of thoughts and minds, he can instantly syphon information and power from books, by opening some kind of pocket dimension into the world of that book and draw all of the texts from that book into reality. This is why he is so dangerous, anything that is written into book form can come to life with the power of the Globglogabgalab this means infinite power is available to the Globglogabgalab. The only thing is The Globglogabgalab is not yet in control of this, the ability to harness infinite power doesn't come overnight, so his powers are still very volatile, we see him lose control and smash through the ceiling for example. While as of right now The Globglogabgalab seems passive and even friendly, that can all change if someone like that rat king writes a book filled with dark magic that corrupts the Globglogabgalab, which is actually something strawinsky, warns him about. So my friends that is the lore of the Globglogabgalab and why he is the most The Most Powerful Being In The Monsterverse.


Oh ha ha ha ha. Mmmm, splendid! Simply delicious.

Steamed Globglogabgalab

Globglogabgalab x Ile dałbym by zapomnieć

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The Globglogabgalab and Strawinsky talk [Official]

Scene from "Strawinsky and the mysterious house" available at Strawinsky: But is it not really dangerous to eat all those books? Globglo: May I correct you, my friend. I do not eat books. I consume their thoughts. I feed on them, but I do leave the books just as they are. Strawinsky: So you read them. Globglo: Erm, flob-a-lob. But I do not read my dear Strawunske. Strawinsky: …vinksy. Globglo: Yes, yes, yes, yes. I know. But no, I don’t read. I consume their thoughts. I live of them, do you understand? That’s more than reading. It’s fantasy, understanding, dreaming... oh - it feeds me. Just like yeast works its way through the dough to pass on its flavour, so I am nourished by the thoughts of these books. Yes… Strawinsky: But not every book is good for your health. Globglo: Certainly not. But I am not picky. I take whatever I can find. But please tell me, young friend, what are you doing here? Strawinsky: I am looking for my friends. I just heard them shouting for help and now they are not here anymore. They were in this room. Globglo: Well, I haven’t seen anybody. Strawinsky: We need to search for them. Maybe somebody has kidnapped them. The Ratking, or the troll, or somebody else. Globglo: You’re not serious, are you? You think the Ratking? Strawinsky: It seems to me he’s enchanted this house. Globglo: Twaddle waddle, my dear Struwinsky. Strawinsky: Strawinsky. Globglo: Yes, yes, yes, yes. I know. But the Ratking... after all I mean... he doesn't exist for real, does he? Strawinsky: Of course he exists. He wants to destroy everyone. But, there they are!! Narrator: Frozen stiff the three friends sat huddled in a corner, everyone staring at a book and unable to move. They didn’t respond when Strawinsky pushed them and shouted in their ears. Hey – you! Wake up! They were trapped. Strawinsky: What else can I do? Only the Scarlet Queen can help now! Globglo: The Scarlet Queen? Of all things, why the Scarlet Queen? Do we have to?

By the way, I'm not counting words like: mmm, or ha ha ha. I'm only accepting actual words.

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