Sana Juicer by Omega EUJ 707

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Sana Juicer by Omega - Introducing and Juicing video

Introduction and juicing test of a brand new Sana Juicer by Omega.

Gerson Therapy - Green Juice - PURE Juicer

Gerson Green Juice Ingredients for one 8 oz juice 6oz of Granny Smith Apple or as sour as available 6oz of Lettuce leaves - use as many as available from Gerson list: -Romaine leaves -Red leaf lettuce leaves -Green leaf lettuce -Escarole leaves -Endive leaves -Beet tops (inner leaves) -Chard leaf -Watercress 3-5 leaves -Red cabbage, handful size 1/4 Green bell pepper Try to include as many of the ingredients as possible but do not substitute. Leaves, and bell pepper weight should total 6 ounces, apple weight after removing stem and seeds should total 6 ounces. The total weight of 12 ounces prior to grinding and pressing will give you an 8 ounce Gerson green juice. Press and Enjoy! ...

Démonstration Extracteur De Jus YDEN TG100 - Davidson Distribution

Présentation de l'extracteur de jus YDEN TG 100 chez davidson distribution Vous trouverez de nombreuses recettes de jus ici :

Juicing Fruits and Vegetables (w/ Super Angel Juicer)

Juicing Fruits and Vegetables (w/ Super Angel Juicer)

Natural Energiser Jason's Vale Juice Recipe

For more FREE smoothie recipes check out our website - Not only is this juice creamy and delicious, but unlike artificial energy drinks this juice will energise you the natural way - say "high" to nature! JUICE INGREDIENTS 1/4 Pineapple 1 large handful Spinach Leaves 1/4 Cucumber 1/2 Courgette 1-2cm Fennel 15 pods Sugar Snap Peas 1/2 Lime Ice HOW TO MAKE Peel the pineapple, then simply juice all the ingredients and pour over ice. Got any questions about Jason Vale smoothies or juice recipes? Ask us in the comments below!

The Sana EUJ-707 is the most advanced and highest-quality horizontal juicer on the market. Constructed from premium materials, it not only makes the best juice, but also makes pasta, sorbet, nut butters, and more. The stunning design looks great in any kitchen, and it cleans in less than two minutes after juicing.

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