How to Make Silicone Molds

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How to Make Silicone Molds (A MUCH better updated version)

My other two silicone making videos are incredibly long and I ramble on and on about every little thing. Their intended purpose was to help complete beginners, but I believe I confused more than I helped. This video is much much simpler and gets straight to the point. This is what I should have uploaded from the get go. If you've sat through those other videos...sorry. Lol. WHERE TO BUY SILICONE: Smooth-On: Brick in the Yard: TAP Plastics: There are plenty of other places to purchase from. These are just a few. I suggest looking on other sites, like eBay and Amazon, to make sure you're getting the best deal. LINKS: Etsy: Instagram: Want to contact me? Use one of these methods: DM on Instagram (username is lullabellecreation) PM on here Music is from

قالب من السيليكون و النشا الذرة

كيف تعمل قالب من السيليكون واضافة النشا اليه حتى يكون قالب قوى ..لعمل الحلوى و الشيكولاتة به ..عمل قالب لتشكيل عجينة السيراميك تابعوا المقاطع الخاصة بصناعة القوالب / / / / / /


AMAZING IDEAS FOR UPCYCLING BOTTLES Trash into treasure! It's really cool to recycle and upcycle some old and unnecessary stuff. First of all, it will cost you nothing, secondly, by recycling you make this world better and save our planet. Plastic bottles are a good source for crafting – your possibilities with plastic are truly endless. Learn to make awesome and useful crafts from plastic bottles in no time. If you are going to throw a party and have to blow a lot of balloons, there's an easy way to do it. Learn how to make a unique balloon-blowing device out of a plastic bottle. It's so easy to use and can surprise all your friends. Another amazing thing made of plastic bottles and cups is an amazing soap bubble carousel – try and make it yourself and see how much fun it brings. You can make many useful things fro kitchen using plastic bottles – you can make a protection device for your hand (it is useful while cutting). Another amazing idea is a lunchbox made of a milk bottle. You can make a transparent giftbox out of plastic – it looks very stylish. Use a bottle to screw out the leftovers of a broken lightbulb. If you ever had troubles opening plastic bottles, we prepared a cool opening life hack for you. Another cool idea for a plastic bottle is making a sauce dispencer! You can even make furniture using plastic bottles. Check out that cute chair that we made using 20 plastic bottles, sticky tape, cardboard, and fabric. Watch this video up to the end and see hw to make a cute candy dispencer out of a couple of plastic bottles and candy dispensers. TIMESTAMPS: 01:44 – Soap bubble hack 06:35 – Protecting fingers 10:19 – DIY chair 14:12 – Plastic shoes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: 5-Minute Crafts: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Workouts: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound:

Dipping Powder Nails - Suzie's Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie uses the Joya Mia Dipping Powder System in this detailed step by step tutorial. Products featured in this video: Joya Mia Dipping Powders Smoothie Buffer File Exclusive Nail Couture Suzie was not paid to promote the products in this video, and does not receive a commision from sales. Some products were given to Suzie to try, and she is sharing her experience of using the products with her viewers. Links to products are provided as a courtesy to Suzie's viewers. --------------- Looking for a video Suzie has done? Check out her Instant Search Video Catalog. It makes it easy to find specific Suzie videos: Follow Suzie on Instagram: "" Suzie invites you to share your own nail design photos with her on Instagram with the hashtag: "#nailcareereducation" You can also follow Suzie: __ Music: Feature Song: Slow Motion by Jessie Villa Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach - Half Smile by Hale Heartbeat by Fey Foxx Wanna Go Outside? by Hale Feeling For You [Mike Arnoult Remix] by Mike Arnoult Dancing Flames by PALA Tokyo Nights by Finn's Fandango - Foreshadowing Shadows by PALA Fresh for the Summer by PALA Lift Up by OBOY Surrounded by Hale Slow Motion by Jessie Villa Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach - All music © of the composers. Music Licensed through Soundstripe

Awesome Recycle Transparent Plastic Container Box Idea|How to recycle container box|best reuse idea

Hello! Today I present you one of the idea with an Awesome Transparent Plastic Container Box Idea| How to recycle container box best reuse idea Get creative with DIY projects to reuse and recycle container box. And this one, I created the one of the easiest recycled diy using plastic container box. If you want to know how I made it, watch it in full. :) I hope you guys enjoy this video, if you do please take the moment to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Thank you! ****************************************** Please Subscribe here ► FOR BUSINESS INQUIRES: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ****************************************************************** Printable Planner Stickers► ****************************************************************** Please also support my husband's channel. His just starting out. Thanks! Axe2Rock - Guitar Music - ******************************************************************* MY EQUIPMENT: Camera - Tripod - Lighting - ***************************************************************** Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 15 - Movavi - ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************** Last Videos: 4 Awesome Ways to recycle/reuse plastic bottles| Best Reuse idea with plastic bottles - How to make christmas elf door hanger from cardboard| how to make christmas decor - Best reuse idea with tin can|how to recycle tin can|how to make tin can organizer - Easy way to recycle plastic bottle| how to recycle plastic bottle| best reuse idea - How to make wall room decor with plastic disposable spoon|how to recycle plastic spoon| Best reuse - ==============================­­­­­­­­===­=================== Satisfying Slime Videos: Lj&AaronSlime - ===================================================== Let's Be Friends: Instagram: @missdebbiediy Twitter: @missdebbiediy Pinterest: @missdebbiediy Tumblr: Watch my channel for diy, crafts, paper crafts, recycle crafts, room decor, how to and more.. life hacks, washi tape hacks, crafting hacks #upcycleideas #howtorecycleplasticbox #upcycle #bestreuseideas #organizer #diy #basket #containerbox

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Tips I forgot to mention:
Since silicone only really sticks to silicone, so if you're working on a silicone mat and make a mess, be sure to clean it up before the silicone sets. You will also be able to reuse your mixing cup and stirrer. Just peel away the cured silicone. Again, make sure you don't use silicone if you want to reuse them.


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