How to Make the BEST Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes !

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MAKE IT RAW: Cauliflower Mash...just like mashed potatoes!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you another one of my low fat raw vegan recipes. It's cauliflower mash! It's so similar to mashed potatoes. It's hardy, very satisfying, flavorful & 100% raw. Recipe down below. Enjoy the fun video! :) Ingredients: 2 cups raw cauliflower 1 rib of celery 2-3 soft medjool dates 2-3 large lemon wedges 1/2 inch slice of leek onion Fresh Chili Pepper (optional) Little bit of heirloom tomato (for added moisture) *Blend everything together, top with cracked black pepper and chopped chives. Enjoy the raw nutrition that your body craves! If you’re craving more, you can find me on Instagram too! :) Go raw vegan and love being raw! I completely believe in the low fat raw vegan lifestyle that’s for sure! I’m happy to share this lifestyle with anyone and everyone. We all deserve a happy, healthy, and abundant life and a healthy lifestyle does just that. If you are interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, please check out some of these other amazing individuals that can help you in your journey to health and healing: Loren Lockman Robert Morse ND TannyRaw Ellen Fisher Sweet Natural Living Ted Carr from Fruitliving The Raw Life Health Show Lissa’s Raw Food Romance Jonny Juicer Liferegenerator FoodnSport Fruitandstrength TheFruitarian Victoria RawVegan That RAW Nurse *I am not claiming to be the health expert, nutritionist, dietitian in anyway. I’m just a regular person sharing my thoughts, opinions, and spreading a positive message to anyone who wants to listen. :) Music is provided by the YouTube Audio Library.

Cauliflower Mash Made Extra Creamy

Cauliflower Mash is an important low carb/keto staple in any kitchen, and this recipe takes that joy to a new level of creamy and good. 🖨Printable Recipe: 🍎Essential Kitchen Tools And Books For Low Carb Living Disclaimer: Some or all links listed on this page are affiliate links for products that I’ll earn a tiny commission on per-sale. The cost to you, if you buy anything, is absolutely nothing. ✅Creamy Cauliflower Mash (with egg yolks!) Servings: 6 Total carbs per serving: 5.1g Net carbs per serving: 3.1g Nutrition: 177 Calories/3g Protein/16.5g Fat/5.1g Carbs/2g Fiber ➡Ingredients: Cauliflower Mash 1 head cauliflower, about 6” in diameter 2 egg yolks 4 oz unsalted butter Sea salt & black pepper to taste 1-2 pinches of ground nutmeg to taste (or other seasoning of choice) ✅Directions: 1. Steam cauliflower until tender, about 5-7 minutes. 2. Working quickly, drain the cauliflower of liquid in a colander. To drain additional liquid, place cooked (and hot!) cauliflower on a layers of paper towels. Use 3 additional layers and gently press the cauliflower to drain additional liquid. Be sure to protect your hands as the cauliflower is hot. 3. Quickly place the cauliflower (still hot) in a food processor. As you begin to puree the cauliflower, add in the egg yolks and butter. If you prefer a chunky mash, you can use a stick blender instead of the food processor or mash and mix the ingredients by hand to desired consistency. The key is working the cauliflower while still hot so its heat cooks the egg yolks. If you are worried about undercooked eggs, just pop the mash into the oven at 350 for 5-10 minutes. 4. Add in salt and pepper to taste. 5. Mix the nutmeg (or seasoning of choice) into your cauliflower mash. 6. Serve immediately. 🔔If you like to add a bit more healthy fat to your mash, try adding grated cheese on top and running the mash under the broiler for a few minutes. 🔔To see how I used the mash as a “pie crust” check out my Cottage Pie video here:


Due to public demand, i finally decided to share my pilau recipe...hope you will learn a thing or two from my tutorial. Enjoy! Instagram:

Cauliflower Tortillas! *Gluten Free Recipe*

**Update!! My husband has re-done this recipe, without the microwave. Here is the link: Check out our Gluten Free Cooking Channel!! My awesome husband did a quick how to video of one of my favourite gluten free recipes right now, cauliflower tortillas! **Click here to watch how to make Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce:"" They taste amazing! I use them just like a regular tortilla making tacos and wraps. He also uses a similar recipe and makes cauliflower pizza. Soo good! Hope you enjoy :) My beauty channel: Facebook: Allison 'allharr' My beauty blog: Ingredients: one head of cauliflower 2 eggs 2 egg whites water your choice of spices Cooling racks: Gluten Free cook book:

Are YOU Drinking Milk Right?! - Part 2 Interview with Kristin Savory

HEY GUYS! Welcome back to another episode of Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast! Last week, we talked to Thyroid Therapist Kristin Savory. We didn't finish all of the questions so here is PART 2! The first episode was PACKED with so much awesome info, so check that out below! As always, enjoy today's podcast! Q1 - 1:40 I've tried to cut out most dairy products since they seem to affect me negatively, but lately, I've heard more and more people mentioning raw dairy, saying it is a healthier alternative. Some people are saying it is illegal though! Is this true? Where can I get it safely and legally? Denise in Little Rock Q2 - 6:51 When it comes to trying to help/heal my thyroid naturally, what are some of the best foods that I can eat? Will my diet really make a difference? I am so tired, I don't want to feel this way for the rest of my life! What should I eat, and what should I cut out? Kelly in Murfreesboro Q3 - 9:44 I have loved hearing from so many doctors on your podcast lately! I don't have s super technical mind, and sometimes I am having a hard time keeping up with their lingo. I really want to understand the difference between T4 and T3 and what I need to be looking at when I have my blood work done. Can you or your next guest explain this really simply? Melanie in Manassas Q4 - 13:57 I've heard Doctors say that I need to wait 4-6 weeks between thyroid check-ups to see a real difference, but I have been doing self-tests I got online almost weekly, and I notice a change each week. Why do doctors say that I need to wait? Patty in NC Q5 - 15:58 One of my friends went in for botox and her doctor said that there are some hormones you can insert via your booty that help with any aging in case you have issues producing hormones on your own as you age. Have you heard of this, and is it safe? Paula in Charleston Q6 - 18:10 I've read that fermented foods are good for digestion. When I think fermented, the only thing that comes to mind is sauerkraut. Yuck!!! Is there anything that is fermented and actually tastes good? Or should I just stick with a good probiotic? Kelsey in Virginia Beach

Welcome back to another recipe video aka COOKING WITH CHANTEL! Today, Chantel will be showing you how to make the best Cauliflower mashed potatoes! Everything you need will be down below!


-2 Bags Cauliflower
-2 Cups Spinach
-1/2 Stick Butter
-1/8 Olive Oil
-1/2 Cup Onion
-Salt for Taste

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