How to check IGBT is faulty or okay?

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How to check IGBT Module | IGBT testing by Multimeter | IGBT Checking with Battery (in Hindi)

In this video I am talking about IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), what is IGBT, how to check / test an IGBT module, testing / checking of IGBT using Multimeter, triggering of IGBT using 12 volt battery in hindi ( हिन्दी )। आईजीबीटी मॉड्यूल कैसे जांचें | मल्टीमीटर द्वारा आईजीबीटी परीक्षण | बैटरी के साथ आईजीबीटी जांच (ट्रिगरिंग)। In this video I have shown testing procedure of discrete IGBT, 2 in 1 IGBT and 6 in 1 IGBT modules. IGBT Module may also have called IGBT brick, IGBT block, IPM. IGBT modules are largely used in power electronics field like switched-mode power supplies, UPS system, Inverter AC, VFD, Lift, AC motor drive, DC motor drive, traction motor control and induction heating. Large IGBT modules typically consist of many devices in parallel and can have very high current-handling capabilities in the order of hundreds of amperes with blocking voltages of 6.5 kV. These IGBTs can control loads of hundreds of kilowatts. Hello friends! My name is Shashanka Shekhar Bala, Welcome to my channel “Sync With Me”. I have started this channel for technical interaction with you and to share my knowledge with every individual to grow the interest on science and technology. In this channel I’ll share many verity of topic on Electronics, Electrical engineering, Instrumentation, Modern Car mechanical & Control systems in Hindi and English. I also try to fulfill your on demand topic in the possible way. I am a technical professional works in National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India, and I love my profession, doing YouTube in my free time as my hobby. Please see my videos, SUBSCRIBE my channel “Sync With Me” for your valuable suggestion and comments. Thanking You, Shashanka Shekhar Bala. Please visit My Channel:

IGBT testing procedure in Microtek Hi end UPS Jumbo SW Series

IGBT Testing dengan Multimeter

kita belajar bagaimana mengukur IGBT dengan multimeter analog maupun digital, kalau kita menggunakan multimeter analog maka kita tetap membutuhkan tambahan baterai 9 volt seperti gambar dan resistor 150 ohm, kalau menggunakanmultimeter yg probenya sudah mengeluarkan suply 9 volt, maka baterai 9 volt tidak dibutuhkan lagi

IGBT Brick (Module) Testing and Demonstration

Demonstration and test of IGBT single transistor and Half Bridge brick. Information about how the device works and what it is used for.


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In this video we are providing 2 methods of checking the IGBT .... Which is use for the protection in online ups and commercial and industrial inverters

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