Tasty Mashala French Fries - Potato Wedges Making To Feed Whole Village People

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Cabbage, Shrimp, Potato & Bori Mashed Prepared By 20 Women - Healthy & Tasty Village Food Recipe

About 35 pieces cabbage or 80 KG cabbage & 6 KG shrimp and 20 KG potato and traditional Bori mashed prepared by 20 village women to feed 200+ kids & village women. This is very tasty & healthy village food item and traditional wa of making cabbage mashed with patato shrimp & traditional Bori. We have Bori making recipe if you want to know what is Bori actually. About 20 women first cut all the cabbage & potato very small pieces and clean all the shrimp fish. Then start cooking it together. All the village children were playing around the beautiful Bengali village nature while women were cooking. This all food arrange & funding by AroundMeBD channel as their charity work to village kids and villagers for good food serving. We never take any funding from any organization or any person. This is just this youtube channel work. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much to watch our videos.

100 KG Fresh Vegetables & Rice Prepared By Village Women - Tasty Mixed Vegetables Rice Cooking

Big Food Arrangement by village women. About 100 KG Fresh Winter vegetables & 25 KG country rice mixed vegetables prepared/cooking by village women & serve to more than 250+ children and villagers. The boys arrange 22 KG cabbage 10 KG Cauliflower 10 KG Pumpkin 20 KG Potato 5 KG Brinjal 2 KG Pea Seed 3 KG Carrots 5 KG Beans(Chim) 10 KG bottle gourd 2 KG Onion Follower 10 KG Pulses & Some more vegetables with 25 KG of rice. First about 15 women cut all the vegetables into small small pieces and then with help of one men women cooked vegetables curry with all types local mashala. Then they fried the Mung Bean & Black Gram Pulses and then start preparing vegtables hodgepodge using all vegetables pulses & mshala. After finish cooking they serve the food to villagers & village children. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos.

Have You Ever Eat This Vegs!! Exclusive Maan Kochu/Arum Root with Brinjal & Tiny Fish Recipe

Have You Ever Eat This Vegetables!! Exclusive Maan Kochu/Arum Root With Brinjal & Tiny FIsh Recipe For Charity Maan Kochu is one type of Colocasia. Also called as Taro Root, Arum Corm, Arum Root etc. The common taro root is small size but the size of maan kochu is most bigger and sometimes, its weight become 40-50 KGs. This is very tasty but rear vegetable item. This vegetable can be cooked with meat, fish, egg and with other vegetables. Today we have cooked Maan Kochu with Brinjal and tiny fish. This recipe was very tast and we served ths food to few villge kids and people. Please enjoy this video. Please do not forget to like, comment and share the video. Have a good day. Thank you. Ingredients:- Maan Kochu/Colocasia Tiny Fish Onion Green Chili Garlic Paste Cumin Seeds Paste and Fried Cumin Seeds Powder Cinnamon Sticks Paste Red Chili Powder Coriander Powder Turmeric Powder Cooking Oil Salt Water #MaanKochu #Charity #VillageFood This is charity food channel. If you subscribe and enjoy our video, then we can arrange more food for villagers, kids, disabled and others people. https://www.facebook.com/HumanitarianKitchen/ https://www.youtube.com/HumanitarianKitchen/

Coconut Crab {Catch Clean Cook} Rota, CNMI

Thank you so much for helping to make this journey possible! Please share this video so others can see it as well! #Love #RobberCrab #CatchCleanCook #DMFD #Rota #CNMI DeerMeatForDInner Merch! https://deermeatfordinner.com Check out my canCooker! https://www.cancooker.com https://www.froggtoggs.com use Promo Code: DEERMEAT20 I use Silver Stag knives: https://silverstag.com/Deer_Meat_For_Dinner Koah Spearguns: https://www.koahspearguns.com http://www.suzukimarine.com https://www.flir.com https://www.evergladesseasoning.com https://diamondarchery.com https://www.hornady.com https://www.engelcoolers.com

Soya Chunk Cooking By 15 Women In Bamboo Jungle - Tasty & Healthy Food For Whole Village Peoples

My village peoples never eat Soya chunk before. So we arranged Soya chunk for whole village peoples. About 15+ women process & cooking Soya chunk & potato curry. Soya chunk is Textured or texturized vegetable protein & also known as textured soy protein or soy meat. Soya chunk is a by product of extracting soybean oil. Soya chunk has huge health benefit and peoples use this as replace of meat for family. Soya chunk can be cooked very easily. Our women first boiled soya chunk in boiled water then clean it and added all the meat ingredient with it. After finish cooking they serve the food to whole village peoples. This food arrangement & funding by AroundMeBD channel for their charity food work to village peoples. We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos. You can like our facebook page www.facebook.com/AroundMeBD to see some unseen picture of daily event.

Our pride women team make today 60 KG potato wedges to feed whole village peoples.

My village peoples never eat potato wedges before. So we manage 60 KG potato for them.

First ladies cutting all the potato into small small pieces then they clean it using pure water.

Then women boiled all the potato and prepared some spice ingredient to make it tasty and spice food.

After boiled all the potato women fried the boiled potato in the oil pan.

and at last they mixed up spice mashala with potato and serve the food to whole village peoples.

This food program was arranged & funded by AroundMeBD channel for charity food work.

We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos. You can like our facebook page www.facebook.com/AroundMeBD to see some unseen picture of daily event.

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