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I show you how easy it is to slice these babies, nuttin to it! I had some red onions and garlic to use up and left over deli cheese, and gruyere, whatever cheese you got eh, why not? Cooked in 30, small red potatoes, tres yum!

Air Fryer Baked Potatoes - Cook's Essentials 5.3qt

NOTE: The temperature I used was 390 degrees. Somehow that got edited out. It is so worth doing baked potatoes in the air fryer vs. microwave. The skin is so nice and crispy and just simply taste better!

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Blooming onion air fryer. This was absolutely awesome you guys...cooked in less then 30. I used the Hooters batter for this, worked out great...put some sriracha in my egg mixture and voila! that dipping sauce was fabulous! Grilled Blooming Onion from Nate: ************************************************ Amazon Affiliate links: My Air Fryer: ************************************************************** Air Fryer Rack I use: *********************************************************** Tsang Stir Fry oil: ************************************************************ Veggetti Pro: ************************************************************ Batter Pro: ******************************************************* Mueller Chopper: ************************************************************* Where to find me: ************************************************************* Send me mail here: Booger500us P.O. Box 171 Laurel Hill, Fl 32567 Disclaimer: This video and description contains amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I potentially can receive a small commission.

Join Amy as she makes the BEST Air Fryer Steakhouse Baked Potato. This baked potato is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It is cooked in no time in the Air Fryer or Airfryer. Topped with butter, cheese, and chives, this baked potato will bring you back to your favorite classic steakhouse. This potato is 100 times better than a baked potato that is baked in the microwave.

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