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Air fried Blooming Onion Recipe Using The Cook's Essentials Air Fryer

Subscribe for more air fryer recipes! Today I will be making a blooming onion by request in the Cook's Essentials Air Fryer.


I show you how easy it is to slice these babies, nuttin to it! I had some red onions and garlic to use up and left over deli cheese, and gruyere, whatever cheese you got eh, why not? Cooked in 30, small red potatoes, tres yum!

Power AirFryer XL: Part II (frying chicken... the REAL test!)

Part II! As I said in the Part I, the real test would be frying chicken! If the Power AirFryer XL can fry chicken and it still taste like fried chicken... Then winner winner... chicken dinner! Tune in to see how it goes! I have even included other opinions other than my own ;) As always, comment below with any feedback or questions! And don't forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching! Also... be sure to check Part I of this review for the ins and outs of this fryer... like where I purchased mine, dimensions and how to operate! Here's the link: XO Sasha Nicole

Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe | Omorc Air Fryer - No Oil | Secret 11 Spices HERE

Rebecca Brand shows how to make Kentucky Fried Chicken in an Omorc Air Fryer. 20% off code: WQW267ZE KFC has 11 secret spices and the recipe is in this video. Air fried chicken is crispy and delicious! Omorc's large fryer only takes 18-22 mins a batch! This recipe only needs chicken, flour, and spices, super easy and fast to make! To get Omorc Air Fryer CLICK 20% off code: WQW267ZE Amazon: Official Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: FTC: Sponsored by the Omorc, my opinions are honest, true and are mine.


This meal took about 8 minutes at 400 degrees F in the air fryer in a shallow aliminum pan. I added bacon, sausage, hash browns eggs & cheese! I struggled getting the hot pan out because it was too flimsy. NEXT time I'll use a regular cake pan that will fit so my tongs will have something sturdy to grip onto while lifting it out of the fry basket. This breakfast was comparable to what I always order from a restaurant. Please comment and thumbs UP! Thanks! 💞 Visit my WEBSITE: BUSINESS INQUIRIES: SEND PRODUCTS for my honest review at: MzBrazell P.O.Box 2153 MATTESON, ILLINOIS 60443

Join Amy as she makes the BEST Air Fryer Steakhouse Baked Potato. This baked potato is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It is cooked in no time in the Air Fryer or Airfryer. Topped with butter, cheese, and chives, this baked potato will bring you back to your favorite classic steakhouse. This potato is 100 times better than a baked potato that is baked in the microwave.

Air Fryer Garlic & Herb Potato Wedges:

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