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Best of Biggest RC 2017

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Japan's Night Train: The Sleeper Car Adventure 寝台列車サンライズ出雲 ★ ONLY in JAPAN #32

Let's board a night train with sleeper cars from Tokyo to the Sea of Japan! This video guide will walk you through the JR Sunrise Izumo Express from Tokyo Station to Izumo. Passengers on Japan's night trains have declined so there are few night trains left in Japan. This is the only daily one from Tokyo. Notes: ★ Shower tickets – buy them as soon as you board. Limited number available. There's a vending machine. 320 yen for 6 minutes. *Bring your own towel. ★ No food on board. Buy your own breakfast, snacks, beer BEFORE you board. There is a softdrink vending machine but the prices are high. ★ JR Rail Pass is okay for this sleeper train but only for the Nobinobi Zaseki (のびのび座席) flat area. There are upgrade charges for compartments / cabins. Make a reservation at a JR ticket office. It's best to do this as early as possible esp on the weekends and holiday. Sunrise Izumo Schedule / サンライズ出雲 時刻表 : ▶︎ 22:00 Depart Tokyo 東京 ▶︎ 22:23 Yokohama横浜 ▶︎ 23:53 Fuji 富士 ▶︎ 00:19 Hamamatsu 浜松 (Next day) ▶︎ 05:25 Himeji 姫路 ▶︎ 06:27 Okayama 岡山 The Train splits here. Half goes to Shikoku Island for Takamatsu, Half continues to the Sea of Japan towards Izumo. ▶︎ 09:03 Yonago 米子 ▶︎ 09:30 Matsue 松江 ▶︎ 09:58 Izumoshi 出雲市 What are the attractions of Izumo, Matsue, Yonago (San'in area)? That's easy! ☆ Izumo Taisha: One of Japan's most important shrine ☆ Izumo soba ☆ Matsue Castle ☆ Horikawa Boat Tour ☆ Yonago Castle Ruins (great view!) and Beaches ☆ Eshima Ohashi ☆ Kaike Onsen ☆ Mt. Daisen ☆ ... and loads more! So ... take a break from the super fast shinkansen and save some cash on a hotel while riding the rails. Sunrise Izumo Express all the way!! Prices: Japan Rail Pass Access to all JR Rail trains in Japan but not private lines. Unlimited travel on all JR trains! Get one. It's worth it! 7-day pass : 29,110 YEN 14-day pass : 46,390 YEN 21-day pass : 59,350 YEN The reservation for the Sunrise Izumo Express is FREE (Nobinobi Zaseki seat only). You can upgrade to a compartment by only paying the difference. Visit this page to see the prices on various compartments: Extra fees *if you have a JR Rail Pass ★ Nobi Nobi seat : No extra charge ★ Single Deluxe : Additional fare 16,500yen (Express surcharge 3,150yen + Accommodation charge 13,350yen) ★ Single : Additional fare 10,500yen (Express surcharge 3,150yen + Accommodation charge 7,350yen) ★ Solo : Additional fare 9,450yen (Express surcharge 3,150yen + Accommodation charge 6,300yen) ★ Single Twin : Additional fare 12,320yen (Express surcharge 3,150yen + Accommodation charge 9,170yen) ★ Sunrise Twin : Additional fare 10,500yen (Express surcharge 3,150yen + Accommodation charge 7,350yen) for one person * I paid 15,500 YEN for the Nobi Nobi Sazeki only without a JR Japan Rail Pass. Sunrise Izumo Train layout: (Japanese only) Sunrise Izumo route map: (Japanese only) Credits and Thank You: Music Teknoaxe THANK YOU for your amazing music!! Ross Bugden for ♩♫ Happy and Inspiring Music ♪♬ This song at the end of this episode really inspired me. Thank you!! Special thank you to the Utsunomiya and Sugihara families! Thank you to the Yonago Tourist Office for their help driving me around. URL: This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He's been living and working in Japan for over 18 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan's International Channel.

2015/02/14 Chicago 'L' Front View Counterclockwise | 【前面展望】 シカゴ 'L' 反時計回り

Chicago Transit Authority Chicago 'L' Brown Line 3200 Series Anti-Clockwise from Merchandise Mart February 14, 2015


Tokyo, Japan - population 38 mln. Most populated city in the World but its very clean and friendly for tourists. More interesting is as a culture, lifestyle than landscape. Great Food, Many Attractions, Friendly and Kind People.Easy to Explore. Worth to Visit. One of My Favorite place to Be. Copy and use of my video is not allowed. Jacek Zarzycki.

2015年6月12日 JRリニアモーターカー試乗会  Japan's Maglev traveling at 500 kmh (311mph)

JRリニアモーターカーの試乗会に当選し、500km/hの世界を体験してきました! カウンターが1:00の時に発車します。 走行コースのほとんどがトンネルなので、カメラ2台での車窓と前方モニター画像でお楽しみください。 リニア試乗会は山梨県都留市のリニア実験センターで行われました。 7両編成L0系の2,3号車に約120名乗車します。 座席は東京方面を向いています。 まず実験センターから東京方面に東海道新幹線の最高速度と同じ285km/hで走行。 座席は回転可能ですが、東京方向を向いたまま後ろ向きで大阪方面に向かって1回目の500km/h走行。 次に前向きで東京方面に向かって2回目の500km/h走行を行います。 この動画は2回目の500km/h走行の様子です。 その後は320km/hで走行して実験センターに戻ります。 約160km/hで浮上、約140km/hで接地しますが、それぞれの瞬間は音と振動の変化で体感出来ました。 乗り心地は、ピッチ変化のないジェット旅客機の様な感じです。 The test ride of the JR Linear Motor Car and have experienced a world of 500 km / h! We will start when the video counter is 1:00. Since most of the running course is a tunnel, please enjoy with the car window with 2 cameras and the front monitor image. Linear test ride was held at the linear experiment center in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture. About 120 people ride on 2nd and 3rd cars of 7-car train L0 series. The seat is facing Tokyo. Firstly from the experiment center to Tokyo, run at the same speed as the highest speed of the Tokaido Shinkansen at 285 km / h. Although the seat is rotatable, it keeps going to Tokyo direction and travels 500 km / h the first time towards Osaka towards Osaka. Next, I will go forward for the second time to 500 km / h towards Tokyo. This movie is a state of running 500 km / h for the second time. After that it will run at 320 km / h and return to the experiment center. It floated at about 160 km / h, it was grounded at about 140 km / h, but each moment was experienced by a change in sound and vibration. The ride feeling is like a jet aircraft without pitch change.

🔴Live! 24/7 HD 🔊Sound 🚃10 Tracks Railway 🚗Freeway 🌃night view

We are performing live distribution of 10 tracks and freeway in Tokyo Japan.
The city hosting the 2020 Olympics.

Locale:Tokyo GMT:+9
Here is the last train around 1:10 AM.
And it starts around 4:30 am.

Rail Tracks:
Yurikamome(monorail),Tokaido Shinkansen,Yamanote Line,Keihin Tohoku Line,Tokaido Line,Ueno Tokyo Line,etc.

Central Circular Route (Shuto Expressway)

ゆりかもめ 東海道新幹線 山手線 京浜東北線 東海道線 上野東京ライン 等々 合計10本の線路、首都高速環状線ののライブ配信を行っています

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