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Mysore Pak in Tamil

Mysore Pak recipe for beginners with tips and tricks.

Mysore pak| ஈசியாக மைசூர் பாக் செய்து பாருங்கள்

MYSORE PAK - Soft and melt in the mouth Mysore Pak recipe | VERY EASY 4 INGREDIENT MYSORE PAK

Fast And Tasty series episode 1 Very quick Mysore Pak with just 4 ingredients !!! Sweet shop like mysore pak - can be made in home in just 30 mins. Mysore pak is a sweet dish from South Indian Cuisine . Here is the recipe for ghee mysore pak which is the softest and melts in the mouth. It is made of generous amounts of ghee (clarified butter), sugar and gram flour. Crafts And Kitchen presents you the recipe for " Best-Ever Mysore Pak " [INGREDIENTS] 1. Besan - 1 cup(gram flour). 2. Sugar - 1 and half cup (1 1/2) or according to sweetness. 3. Ghee - (3/4 cup in flour + 1/3 cup while cooking + 1tbsp to grease the pan + 1tsp to dry roast gram flour + 1tbsp to pour over mysore pak before letting it set) 4. water - 1/3 cup I am adding 1/3 cup of ghee while cooking . add 1 tbsp of ghee on top of Mysore Pak immediately if desired after pouring it into a ghee greased container . Cut it into squares , rectangles or any shape desired. Be very careful in checking the final consistency else your mysorepak will not be soft. मैसूर पाक ಮೈಸೂರ್ ಪಾಕ್ మైసూర్ పాక్ மிசோரி பக் میسورے پاک മൈസൂർ പാക്ക് Mysore Pak - Soft and melt in the mouth mysore pak recipe | EASY 3 INGREDIENT MYSORE PAK MYSORE PAK - VERY EASY 3 INGREDIENT MYSORE PAK | Soft and melt in the mouth MYSORE PAK recipe Fast And Tasty Series . If you liked this video, give it a Thumbs Up and Subscribe! Please leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section below. Follow Crafts And Kitchen! YouTube: Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: GooglePlus: (MOR.) TRIED MULTIPLE TIMES AND PERFECTED RECIPE. /* Please Do Not Copy This Video */ Crafts And Kitchen Channel.

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Mysore Pak Recipe in Tamil / நெய் மைசூர் பாக்

Mysore pak is a famous sweet in South India and is the essential sweet in the sweet boxes distributed during holidays. There are two variants of mysore pak the hard version and the soft ghee version, today we are going to see how to make the ghee version which is going to melt in your mouth. Mysore pak might be a tricky recipe but the ingredients are very simple, you need equal quantities of besan flour, ghee and sugar. Here I have taken 1 cup besan 1 cup ghee + 1/2 cup 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup water 1) Roast the besan flour in a pan till the raw smell of the besan is gone and is replaced by a sweet aromatic smell. 2) Melt 1 cup of ghee and slowly add the besan flour and mix vigorously to ensure that there are no lumps. 3)In another pan melt 1 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of water and keep stirring till you achieve a 1-string consistency. 4)Gradually add the ghee-besan mixture into the sugar syrup. 5) The mixture will thicken and will soon start setting. 6)Transfer to a greased plate and allow to cool. 7) Cut it into desired shapes. For the recipe in english:- Follow us on Face Book:

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