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Mysore Pak is a sweet dish from the South Indian cuisine, usually served as dessert. It is made of generous amounts of ghee (clarified butter), sugar and gram flour. Ingredients: 2 cup ghee 1.5 cup Gram flour 2 cup sugar 1/2 cup water Directions: • Mix besan gram flour with little ghee and sieve • Take sugar in thick bottomed sauce.Add water and let it boil to form sugar syrup till it is soft ball stage. • Melt the ghee in a bowl. • Now add the flour slowly to the sugar syrup and mix rapidly so that no lumps are formed. • Then add the hot ghee to the flour , stirring continuously .Cook till the mixture becomes frothy and ghee separates. • Spread out on a greased plate. Cut into squares when firm "Reach VahRehVah at - Website - Youtube - Facebook - Twitter - Google Plus - Flickr Photo - Linkedin - Picasa Photos- Stumleupon Tumblr Blogger -"

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Required Ingredients:- Semolina-1 cup Milk-1-1/2 cup Coconut Powder-1/2 cup Powder Sugar-3/4 cup Cardamom Powder-1 tsp

Milk Cake Recipe | Perfect Alwar Ka Mawa Halwai Style - CookingShooking

Milk Cake, or Alwar Ka Mawa is an Indian Mithai Recipe, popular across India, loved by all. This Milk Based Sweet is made by Halwais or Sweet Makers by boiling the milk continuously until it reduces to half, after which an acid is added to form grains, and reduced further with sugar till it forms a dough like consistency. Later transferred into insulated boxes so that the sugar caramelizes in the center making two colors - White and Brown. This two layer Indian Sweet is also called Ajmer ka Mawa Mithai and Kalakand, made first by Baba Thakur Das & Sons in Alwar, Rajasthan. Make this for Diwali this time, and enjoy homemade sweets without adulteration. Ingredients: Milk - 3 liters Lemon Juice - 1/2 tsp OR Alum - 1/8 tsp Sugar - 450g Ghee - 80g Oil - to deep fry Pistachio - to decorate Note: Best Served Fresh. Stays well for 7 days in an airtight box Alum Powder is easily available offline Please consider Subscribing to the Channel, and ringing the bell icon beside it to get instant notifications :) Follow CookingShooking on Instagram: Website: | Fb: Blog:

Mysore Pak Recipe - How To Make Mysore Pak

Click to read Mysore Pak Recipe in Hindi. Mysore Pak is South Indian Sweets Recipe with very long shelf life. Subscribe for more recipes - For the Best recipes on YouTube, log onto - Find us on Facebook at - h Visit my Hindi Website

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