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New Manager Training - Excellent Manager Training tips

Please take this short 2 minute survey and let me know how I can help you with management: For more info on manager training, please click on the following link: To learn about the 10 most common mistakes all new managers make, and how to avoid them, click here: Website: Simple Steps to Being a Confident and Effective Manager Getting a promotion to a management position can be an exciting time, but it can also be very overwhelming for a person who doesn't have any previous management experience. If you have recently been promoted to a management position, then there are a few things that you can do to improve your management style and have confidence in the way that you are handling your employees: Know the Rules and Expectations The first step to effective management is to completely understand the rules of the organization. Ask for an employee handbook or a copy of the written rules that need to be enforced. Study these rules so that you can easily understand whether or not a particular behavior is appropriate or inappropriate. Also, it necessary to completely understand the work requirements and tasks that each employee must complete. It is impossible to manage an employee if you don't know what their work requirements are. Be Consistent Consistency is key, especially if you are managing multiple employees. Once you understand the rules and expectations, be firm in enforcing those rules. If you start to bend the rules for one or two people, you will likely find yourself in a position of weakness and the employees will lower their respect for you as a manager. Kindness Goes a Long Way Showing respect and kindness for the employees that you manage is a good way to foster a positive environment, and your employees will likely show you respect in return. When this positive environment is created, you will be happier and more satisfied with your effectiveness as a manager, because your employees will be obedient and respectful of your role. Let your employees know that you appreciate their work, and refrain from any behaviors that will demean them. Occasionally situations will occur where it is necessary to correct or counsel with an employee, and during these times you should never yell at or bully the employee. Remind Yourself of Your Qualifications If you are doubting your ability to manage your employees, then that lack of confidence will show through in the way that you talk and interact with everyone else. As a result, your employees may unknowingly lower their respect for you as a manager. Taking some time to remind yourself of your qualifications and skill sets will help you to remember why you are in a management position, and this thinking will help you to be more confident in your interactions with other people. Practice Making Decisions Managers always face situations where important and quick decisions are needed, and if you waiver in your ability to make those decisions it will likely decrease your confidence. Don't be scared to ask questions of other people if needed, and then make a firm and quick decision once you have all of the information that is necessary to make an educated decision. Be Willing to Take Risks When a manager is willing to put their neck on the line, it will show their confidence and experience. Even if you are a little nervous about a project at work, throwing yourself into the situation 100% will help you to show confidence to other people who are involved. New manager tips new manager training new manager manager training mistakes managers make management training how to manage employees managing employees

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Watch Don show you how to answer "Why Do You Want to Work Here? Why you want to work here iis a great question and is sure to come up during your interview and probably when you least expect it. Lack of preparation for this question could very well cost you the job. One of the most important things is to be honest with your reason for wanting to work there, otherwise it will show. Ask yourself the question first, why do you want to work there? If your answer about working there is that you just need a job and paycheck, then dig a little deeper. If you still can't come up with an honest answer, then read on and hopefully I'll help you think of something. Make sure you have a clear understanding of why you want to work for them and that it's more than "just a job" to you. Do you admire this company? Do you like their products? Do they have a great success story? The key here is what is important to you about this company. The best way to prepare for why you want to work there is to research the company before you attend the interview and learn everything you can, past, present and future. Remember, the idea behind the interview is to find the best and most qualified candidate for the job and one that will best fit in with its culture. At this point, you should describe how your past experience has prepared you for this company. Your answer should demonstrate your familiarity with the company and its products and by doing this the interviewer will recognize you as a serious candidate. Interviewers like to hear praise about their company because it further solidifies the company's reputation in their own mind, but don't overdo it because it will come out sounding fake and cheap. See sample answers in the Complete Interview Answer Guide from: Free Download: Top 10 Questions and Answers. FREE Online job interview training program - Get it here now:

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Write your government resume

People looking for jobs usually dream of working in big corporations, or other prestigious institutions to get a big head start on their life goals. One great place to work for is the government. Despite misconceptions of the government being corrupt and extremely bureaucratic, the government is a very good place to build up one’s character, work ethics and social awareness.

Unlike applying for a regular job, which requires a standard resume, the government requires a different set of information in your resume. A government resume entails more details and information about what you have done and what you can do for the government agency you are applying for. Providing the needed information, presented in the correct format is essential in increasing your chances of getting the job.

So what’s the first step into getting into that dream job with the government? Here’s how:

Unlike your standard resume where stating your name, address, and contact numbers is enough, a government resume requires your military status and your country of citizenship. There is no need to indicate the schools and universities you have attended as they place primary on the degrees, certifications and workshops you have taken.

Begin you resume with your summary statement. The summary statement is the first paragraph of your resume, which should indicate in precise words why you are qualified for the position.

The next part of your resume is your employment history or experience section. Your three most recent jobs must be indicated here in chronological order. When outlining your recent work experiences, do not forget to include your position and the responsibilities that you handled. Make sure that you emphasize responsibilities that are relevant to the government position that you are applying for.

Next, indicate your educational credentials. List down all degrees and certifications that you have attained in chronological order and make sure to include the dates when you earned these. Double check the job posting if your resume would need certain attachments such as a copy of your transcript, diploma, or other official documents.

If you are aiming for a senior/ higher position in the government, you will need to outline your executive core qualities. This is similar to step 3 but you should place more emphasis on the qualities that would indicate that you are fit for such a position.

If applicable, include your set of knowledge, skills and abilities that make you fit for the position. You should list down a minimum of five.

Sometimes, the government would require other forms to be filled out and that must submitted along with your resume, such as the Form C, which is a questionnaire that evaluates your qualifications.

Before submitting your resume, double check if you have filled up all the required information correctly. Refrain from using a generic resume to apply for different government positions. Make sure each one is tailored to fit that particular position that you are applying for.

When sending out your resume, refrain also from using unnecessary materials that you think will give you extra points, such as scented stationary, expensive envelopes, and fonts that deviate from the traditional (Times New Roman, Arial, etc).

You can have a professional help you draft a winning resume, but this is not completely necessary as numerous samples of government resumes with the correct formats are available online. When making a resume for a government position, make sure that you write as professionally, and as clearly and as concisely as possible.

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