I'm DONE With This Low T Bull$hit

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No Man Is "Natural" Today

Natty -vs- Enhanced? When is "Natty" less than natural?

Rich Piana Foretold His Death - Wasn't Taken Seriously?

Something I witnessed in person and overheard actually plays heavily into the most important lesson I learned from Rich's passing. Many people were affected by the man - the biggest lesson he offered might just be in how he died.

Erection Problems and Different Types of injections

In this episode of Ask the Doc, we help out an unfortunate 37 year old gentleman who's been taking TRT and several other anabolics, and can now no longer hold an erection; doc advises about how to combat this side effect. After that, we get a question about subcutaneous VS intramuscular injections for bodybuilding purposes.

Facts You THINK You Know About "Gear"

so much misconception out there - gets worse every year. I am seeing some outright bad information being offered by guys who present themselves as knowledgeable but much of what they advise is actually wrong. I seldom speak about some of this stuff but a few things need to be considered - just to pry open a mind or two.


Chris Bumstead, 2 x Classic Physique Olympian, joins Dave Palumbo on RXMuscle's 1 on 1 interview talk show, Live With. Bumstead recently revealed on his YouTube channel his battle with an autoimmune disease, and the ramifications of the illness on his overall health and his bodybuilding career.

That's right, after 8 months of living it, I am finished with this experiment.

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