Transformation Of Wheat Flour & Sugar - Amazing Way of Making Huge Traditional Sweet Item For Kids

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Sweet Cake Making To feed 200+ Kids & Villagers - Traditional Bengali Winter Cake Prepared By Women

About 20 village Women made Tasty & children favorite winter cake for 200+ village kids & Villagers. This cake called in Bengali "puli pitha" or "Kushli Pitha" and write in Bengali "পুলি পিঠা". For this cake mostly use coconut & rice flour. About 30 KG rice flour & some coconut and Jaggery used to make this cake by women. All the children of village playing around while women making cake for them and villagers. Here all foods and food making tools arranged & funding by AroundMeBD channel as their charity village work for the kids and poor villagers. Huge village peoples and village women involve here for the good work. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching. Love you all.

Incredible transformation of Sugar & Wheat Flour to traditional Bengali sweet Soan Pabdi/Soan Papri.

We have arrange huge amount of sweet food for the village kids & villagers.

Lots of village never seen how to make traditional sweet soan pabdi. In Bengali this swwet food called "Son Papri" and very popular food item as street food of village.

This is look very simple way to made but very much hard work needed to prepared this sweet item. We have hired 4 expert peoples to make it in my village are in very beautiful natural environment.

They first prepared the wheat flour using some butter/dalda and then prepared sugar using just water.

And at last this part is very complex and very hard to prepared. This hot sugar need to mix up with wheat flour and pulled it to make the sugar bigger.

Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much to watch our videos.

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