Chocolate Espresso Mousse Cakes with Mango Filling and Chocolate Mirror Glaze

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Shiny Mirror Glaze Mousse Dome with Crispy Chocolate Base and Ganache Topping

FOLLOW US: Instagram: Facebook: FREE To Subscribe This is an unbelievably easy Entremet to make and it is super impressive with a little touch of posh! The elements used include: Dark Chocolate Mousse Dome, Shiny Chocolate Mirror Glaze, Crispy Dark Chocolate Base, piped Ganache Swirl and Gold Chocolate Monogram. When they are all put together, the result is WOW! Perfect for your next dessert buffet. RELATED LINKS: Shiny Mirror Glaze White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Entremet : Cookies and Cream Shiny Mirror Glaze Cheesecake Mousse Dome Entremet: Black Forest Cheesecake Mousse Dome with Shiny Mirror Glaze Entremet: INGREDIENTS: (Makes 10) Chocolate Mousse: 200g Dark Chocolate 100mL + 500mL Thickened Cream (make ganache with the 200g chocolate + 100ml Cream) Caramel Crispy Chocolate Base: 400g Dark Melted Chocolate 150g Rice Bubbles Chocolate Mirror Glaze: 210g Sugar 75g Water 70g Cocoa Powder 145g Thickened/Double Cream 3 Teaspoons Gelatine 3 Tablespoons Water Monogram Disc: Nestle's Baker's Dark Chocolate Melts Edible Gold Lustre Dust Vodka or Lemon Exract Piped Ganache Topping: 150g Dark Chocolate 255mL Thickened/Double Cream EQUIPMENT/INGREDIENTS: (Affiliate) Wax Seal Stamp: Mini Gold Cake Board: Gloves (Similar): Pyrex Bowl: Spatula: Hand Mixer: Cooling Rack: Piping Bag: Piping Tip: Dome Mould: Angled Spatula: Sheet Pan: Circle Cutters: Wire Whisk: Squeeze Bottle (similar): Super Gold Lustre Dust: INGREDIENTS CONVERSION LINK: Link to convert Grams to Cups FOLLOW ME: MUSIC: Blue Skies - Silent Partner #Entremet #MirrorGlaze #ChocolateMousse

Chocolate Spheres Chocolate Technique HACK Make At Home by CakesStepbyStep

H! i´m Elena and today I show a simple chocolate technique to make chocolate spheres at home. To stay up to date with my latest videos, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this YouTube channel (if you are not). To find out more about the items I use, please visit: You can support this channel by sharing my videos. Thank you. ************************FOLLOW ME******************************** *FACEBOOK *INSTAGRAM *PINTEREST *TWITTER CakesStepbyStep is about cakes and cupcakes decorating with fondant and buttercream frosting. Also you can watch simple chocolate decoration techniques and cake recipes. Learn with me basic cake decoration techniques which will help you to decórate your own cake masterpiece. ***********HAVE FUN! Music from Youtube Audio library

[Eng Sub]Matcha mousse cake 我Amanda带着既美又作的抹茶甜点又来了!【曼食慢语】*4K

▋Introduction 今天的这个渐变抹茶慕斯蛋糕,没别的,就一个字:好看!自己都忍不住夸自己:我怎么这么能耐呢!不仅颜值高,味道也绝对能让抹茶控一本满足,一个蛋糕能吃到四种浓度的香醇抹茶慕斯,而慕斯的口感像冰淇淋一样轻盈顺滑,吃再多也不会觉得腻,我一个人就能吃光这个6寸小蛋糕~ ▋Ingredients [Chiffon cake]- for the 20*30cm mold 3 eggs 25g vegetable oil 60g sugar 1 tbsp matcha powder a pinch of salt 60g milk 60g cake flour 3个 鸡蛋 25g 植物油 60g 细砂糖 1大勺 抹茶粉 1小撮 盐 60g 牛奶 60g 低筋面粉 [mousse paste]- for a 6 inch matcha mousse cake 2 slices of Gelatine (12g) 1tbsp matcha powder 125g milk 70g sugar 175g cream 100g mascarpone cheese (cream cheese would also be ok) 2片 吉利丁片(12g) 1大勺 抹茶粉 125g 牛奶 70g 糖 175g 奶油 100g 马斯卡彭奶酪(替换为奶油奶酪也可) @4:13 The ratio of matcha powder & mousse paste(from deep to shallow): 1 tsp matcha powder + 60g mousse paste; 3/4 tsp matcha powder + 80g mousse paste; 1/2 tsp matcha powder + 100g mousse paste; 1/4 tsp matcha powder + 100g mousse paste; 120g mousse paste; 抹茶粉和慕斯糊配比用量(颜色从深到浅): 1小勺抹茶粉+60g慕斯糊; 3/4小勺抹茶粉+80g慕斯糊; 1/2小勺抹茶粉+100g慕斯糊; 1/4小勺抹茶粉+100g慕斯糊; 120g慕斯糊; ————————————————————————— 淘宝店铺:曼食慢语 新浪微博:@Amanda的小厨房 微信公众号:amandatastes Facebook: Instagram: 片尾有二维码,扫一扫即可关注微信哦

Mango Mousse with Raspberry Gelee Shots

Mango Mousse with Raspberry Gelee Shots Easy dessert shooters with delicious, luscious and creamy mango mousse topped with Raspberry gelee and beautiful garnish. Sure to win you some compliments. Like us on facebook : Follow us on instagram : Mango Mousse with Raspberry Gelee Shots Makes 14 – 16 small glasses INGREDIENTS For Raspberry Gelee: 120 grams ( 1 cup) Fresh/ Frozen raspberries 45 grams ( 3 tbsp) Granulated Sugar 1 tsp Unflavored Gelatin 1 tbsp Cold water For Mango Mouse: 150 grams ( ¾ cup) Mango puree 40 grams ( 3 tbsp ) Granulated sugar 5 grams ( 1.5 tsp ) Unflavored Gelatin 2 tbsp Cold water 250 ml Whipping Cream Vanilla Sponge Cake ½ Chopped Mango For Garnish: 50 grams Compound white Chocolate 14 – 16 Fresh Raspberry 1 tbsp Powdered Sugar 14 – 16 Sugar Pearls

כיפות מוס שוקולד

קינוח מפוצץ בשוקולד! עם קראנץ' שוקולד שלא רוצים להפסיק לזלול. למתכון:

Learn how to make layered cakes with chocolate biscuit, mango curd, exotic compote and chocolate espresso mousse.

Ingredients (for 5 cakes):
Mango Curd
Mango 120 g
Lime ½ pc
Sugar 20 g
Egg yolk 1 pc
Butter 30 g
Gelatin 8 g
Exotic Compote
Orange juice 100 ml
Lime ½ pc
Banana ½ pc
Mango 150 g
Gelatin 9 g
Chocolate Espresso Biscuit
Almond flour 70 g
Sugar powder 70 g
Egg 1 pc
Egg yolks 1 pc
Coffee 30 ml
Cocoa 10 g
Flour 60 g
Sugar 80 g
Egg proteins 140 g
Cardamom (optional) 1 tsp
Chocolate Espresso Mousse
Milk 100 ml
Coffee 100 ml
Egg yolks 2 pcs
Sugar 15 g
Chocolate 200 g
Cream 33%-35% 200 ml
Gelatin 8 g
Chocolate Glaze
Gelatin - 12 g
Cream 33% - 160 g
Sugar - 240 g
Water - 100 g
Glucose syrup - 80 g
Cocoa - 80 g


Mango Curd
Chop mango using blender, add sugar, egg yolk and lime juice. Mix everything together in blender. Soak gelatin in water. Pour the mixture in saucepan and heat until thickening (82C) stirring constantly. Add gelatin and butter. Mix well. Cool to room temperature. Fill in silicone mold to 2 cm. Freeze for nearly 8 hours.

Exotic Compote
Soak gelatin. Chop banana and mango finely. Mix them with orange juice and lime juice and bring to boil. Add gelatin. Pour it in such a form that compote layer depth is 1 cm. Keep in fridge until cake assembly.

Chocolate Espresso Biscuit
Whisk (mix well) 1 egg, 1 egg yolk, almond flour, sugar powder and coffee. Preheat the oven to 200-220 C. Add sifted flour and cocoa to this mixture, add cardamom for flavor. Whisk egg proteins and sugar. Mix everything carefully, put in oven tray and bake for nearly 5-10 min. Cool gradually (Do not put it in a cool place immediately after the oven). Use the parchment if you are not using silicone mold.

Chocolate Espresso Mousse
Soak gelatin. Beat egg yolks and sugar. Pour milk, strong coffee ad egg yolks in saucepan. Heat the mixture until thickening (82C). Add gelatin. Cool to room temperature. Whisk cream 33%. Mix with coffee cream.
If you use semi circle silicone mold, pour mousse 1 cm depth. Let it harden in fridge for 30 min. Put frozen mango curd semi circles on it. Pour mousse to the edge of mango circles.
Cut circles of compote using cooking steel ring (smaller in diameter than the silicone mold). Put them on mousse and fill the mold with mousse completely. Freeze for 8 hours.

Chocolate Glaze
Soak gelatin. Bring cream 33% to boil and keep hot. Mix water, sugar and sugar syrup. Bring the mixture to boil and simmer on medium heat for 2 min. Add boiled cream. Add cocoa, stir well and then add gelatin. You may also add golden candurin (glittering dye). Pour the glaze in cup to whisk it using blender. Try not to make bubbles. But if the bubbles were formed, use sieve. Cool the glaze to 36-40C. The glaze cools down slowly, so it’s better to cook it the day before and heat it in microwave. If you don’t have cooking thermometer, use chilled spoon to determine whether the glaze drains too quickly.

Cut circles of biscuit with cooking steel ring.
Get the frozen chocolate mousse with filling out. Put the frozen semi circles on lattice above oven tray or other stand. Pour chocolate glaze (with 36-40C temperature) on frozen mousse. Let the drops drain. Transfer mousse on biscuit circle.
Decorate with coffee bean. Defrost completely in fridge before eating.

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