How to do a Power Point Presentation

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PowerPoint: Basic Slides for Beginners

PowerPoint 2010: Basic Slides for Beginners. Learn how to insert a background, text, and images. Learn the proper way to add slide transition and animation. For a full list of our videos organized by category - visit

Make Animated PowerPoint Slide

In this PowerPoint tutorial, you are going to learn and see something new and different. Here, I will show you how to make an attractive and eye catchy animated PowerPoint presentation slide to surprise your audience. Do you want to get more works? Then please take our PowerPoint course and show us your kind support! Link: You can download this animated PowerPoint template for free from here: Used elements: Software: PowerPoint 2016 or 2013 Shapes: Rectangle & Oval Transition: Morph This PowerPoint presentation slide can easily make your audience surprise. And also it is considered as the best work which has been done by PowerPoint School. As it is a multipurpose PowerPoint template, you can use it in any type of presentation. Moreover, It seems the animation is going on a single slide which is awesome. Like us on Facebook: Contact me on: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Behance: Make sure you like and subscribe to this channel to get more awesome PowerPoint tutorials everyday. Thanks for watching :) Icons credit: Idea credit of history slide (03): Name: Cavale-Multipurpose Powerpoint Template Link: Background Music Credits: Funky Chunk Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

How to open and close presentations? - Presentation lesson from Mark Powell

In this clip Mark Powell provides best practice tips for opening and closing presentations. Go to to learn more about Mark Powell's course.

How Microsoft Saved Apple (And Why They Did It)

Try Dashlane here: (Plus, you can use businesscasual as a promo code too!) Support me on Patreon to get early access to my future videos: Join me at BC's subreddit and on social media: Reddit: Facebook: Twitter: 50th video of the Behind the Business Series. Today Apple is the most profitable company in the world and it very recently became the first trillion-dollar publicly-traded company in America. And yet just two decades ago Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy; surprisingly, it wasn't Steve Jobs that saved them, but their biggest rival at the time: Microsoft. Throughout the 1990s Microsoft was expanding aggressively, achieving a staggering 90% market share in the personal computer market. Apple, meanwhile, was in rapid decline: developers were making fewer and fewer applications for the Macintosh, while Apple's license for Microsoft Office was expiring. Things were looking grim, until at Apple's yearly conference, Steve Jobs made a very surprising announcement. Steve Jobs announced Microsoft would be one of Apple's key strategic partners. Microsoft would invest $150 million into Apple in exchange for non-voting shares and in exchange would license Microsoft Office to Apple for another 5 years. The audience reaction was mixed, but ultimately this proved to be the saving grace for Apple. Without this capital infusion from Microsoft, Apple would've gone bankrupt in less than 90 days. So why did Bill Gates do it? Why did he save Apple? In truth, he wasn't doing it out of the kindness of his heart. Instead, he noticed the looming threat of anti-trust regulations. He knew the Department of Justice was getting ready to break up Microsoft on monopoly grounds, so he did his best to prop-up his competition. Essentially, he saved Apple to save Microsoft. When the anti-trust threat had been resolved in 2001, Bill Gates sold his stake in Apple and moved on. Of course, as we now know today, Apple eclipsed Microsoft (and every other tech company) and Bill Gates' original $150 million stake would've been worth over $50 billion today. He missed out on quite some gains! Under the kind patronage of Nagabhushanam Peddi, Dan Supernault, Samuel Patterson, James Gallagher & Brett Gmoser.

PowerPoint For Beginners ☑️

PowerPoint For Beginners. Learn how to create Basic Powerpoint Presentations within minutes. Points covered in the training are 1) How to create your 1st slide 2) How to add headers and sub headers 3) How to add new slides 4) How to add media in your PPT and more. Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation Applies To: PowerPoint 2016 PowerPoint 2013 PowerPoint presentations work like slide shows. To convey a message or a story, you break it down into slides. Think of each slide as a blank canvas for the pictures, words, and shapes that will help you build your story. NOTE: For information about earlier versions of PowerPoint, see Create a basic presentation in PowerPoint. Choose a theme When you open PowerPoint, you’ll see some built-in themes and templates. A theme is a slide design that contains matching colors, fonts, and special effects like shadows, reflections, and more. Choose a theme. Click Create, or pick a color variation and then click Create. Shows the Create New presentation from Theme dialog in PowerPoint Read more: Apply color and design to my slides (theme) Insert a new slide On the Home tab, click the bottom half of New Slide, and pick a slide layout. Shows New Slide button on Home tab of the ribbon in PowerPoint Read more: Add, rearrange, and delete slides. Save your presentation On the File tab, choose Save. Pick or browse to a folder. In the File name box, type a name for your presentation, and then choose Save. NOTE: If you frequently save files to a certain folder, you can ‘pin’ the path so that it is always available (as shown below). Save your PowerPoint presentation TIP: Save your work as you go. Hit Ctrl+S often. Read more: Save your presentation Add text Select a text placeholder, and begin typing. Shows adding text to a text field in PowerPoint Format your text Select the text. Under Drawing Tools, choose Format. Shows the Drawing Tools tab on the ribbon in PowerPoint Do one of the following: To change the color of your text, choose Text Fill, and then choose a color. To change the outline color of your text, choose Text Outline, and then choose a color. To apply a shadow, reflection, glow, bevel, 3-D rotation, a transform, choose Text Effects, and then choose the effect you want. Read more: Change the fonts Change the color of text on a slide Add bullets or numbers to text Change the color and style of a bulleted or numbered list Format text as superscript or subscript Add pictures On the Insert tab, do one of the following: To insert a picture that is saved on your local drive or an internal server, choose Pictures, browse for the picture, and then choose Insert. To insert a picture from the Web, choose Online Pictures, and use the search box to find a picture. Insert Pictures dialog in PowerPoint Choose a picture, and then click Insert. Add speaker notes Slides are best when you don’t cram in too much information. You can put helpful facts and notes in the speaker notes, and refer to them as you present. To open the notes pane, at the bottom of the window, click Notes notes button in PowerPoint . Click inside the Notes pane below the slide, and begin typing your notes. Shows the speaker Notes pane in PowerPoint Read more: Add speaker notes to your slides Print slides with or without speaker notes Give your presentation On the Slide Show tab, do one of the following: To start the presentation at the first slide, in the Start Slide Show group, click From Beginning. Shows the Slide Show tab on the ribbon in PowerPoint If you’re not at the first slide and want to start from where you are, click From Current Slide. If you need to present to people who are not where you are, click Present Online to set up a presentation on the web, and then choose one of the following options: Present online using the Office Presentation Service Start an online presentation in PowerPoint using Skype for Business TIP: For information about viewing your notes as you give your presentation without the audience seeing them, see View your speaker notes as you deliver your slide show. Get out of Slide Show view To get out of Slide Show view at any time, on the keyboard, press Esc.

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Just a basic video tutorial on how to put together a power point presentation.

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