How to insert my picture into my resume/cv

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Microsoft word tutorial |How to insert images into word document table

Learn Microsoft word:learning how to easily insert an image into the table in the document Microsoft word 2007. Note: To reduce file size, save : PDF file. Visit: - Learn ms word easily: - Learn ms excel easily: - Learn PowerPoint easily: - Learn photoshop easily: - Mix Tutorial:

5 Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The first 100 people to use this link will get 10% off their first domain name at Hover: Big thanks to Hover for sponsoring this video! Your resume is a key tool for impressing recruiters and landing jobs, internships, and sometimes even scholarship. Yet people often make HUGE mistakes on them - mistakes that can land their resume in the trash. Today, we'll cover five of those mistakes, and I'll share tips and examples for how you can avoid them. If you're curious, here's my resume: You can also check out my personal website here: My book "10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades" is completely free, so check it out if you're interested in improving your grades! Check out our latest podcast episode: Read the companion article: Connect with me: Twitter ➔ Instagram ➔ ---------- Videos you might want to watch next: Why "Find Your Passion" is Bad Advice: How to Be More Confident Than Anyone You Know: ---------- If you want to get even more strategies and tips on becoming a more productive, successful student, subscribe to my channel right here: Background music by Broke for Free: Extension for better control over playback speed (if I'm talking too fast) ➔ ~ created by Thomas Frank


This video is all about how how to insert and manipulate a picture/photoin your curriculumn vitae/cv. there you will find out resume tips and insert picturein your cv.its not hard to attach a picture /photoin cv by using ms word or adobe photoshop. you can design your curriculumn vitae as you want. you can add or insert your picture /photo where do you want of your can also edit your resume that how looks good by inserting your picture in your cv. you can also resize your picture in cv and you can add different types of shapes,border,color and also allignment of your picture. I've seen so many resume with pictures that are stretched to look like 2x2 ID, but they sometimes looked fat or so thin that they looked like they have a long chin. That's why I made this quick video tutorial to teach the basic way on how to insert and manipulate a picture in MS Word. Hope this will help most of the newbie in using Microsoft Word. Here you are going to learn how you can insert your picture in your resume. Just follow the 10 steps and you'll learn how to do it within 6 minutes. If you want to get regular IT related video tutorials please subscribe to my channel. Thanks.

How to Create a Simple and Professional Resume in Microsoft Word | CV Design Tutorial (With Vocal)

This video shows how one can create an excellent professional resume very easily in Microsoft Word. Anyone can create an simple yet awesome looking professional resume in microsoft word. Creating a nice looking CV is very easy and can give your professional life a boost. Also you will learn many functions of microsoft word. The design of this CV is elegant and simple, because we believe simple is the best. Also There is a music only version of this tutorial: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If You are in hurry just download this: CV Template download link (MS Word Version) dropbox ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Design Credit: Original design found on -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Invoice Creating Tutorial in Excel | Create Receipt in Excel [With Music]" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

How To Write A Resume - Our Top 5 Resume Tips That Will Get You The Interview

Jeff & Mike show you how to write a great resume using 5 key tips. If you want to dig a little deeper, check out our blog article here: For your convenience here is the transcript from the video: MIKE Hi I'm Mike, and this is my friend Jeff. But you probably know us as the Interview Guys. Today Jeff and I are talking about one of the most important requirements for getting a job interview, your resume. JEFF Whether you are applying for a job as a cashier at a donut shop like our friend Shirley here, or as the CEO of a major corporation, your resume is an extremely important part of your job search. MIKE I bet you wish you were applying for a job here Jeff...I mean you come here so much that you may as well work here. JEFF What can I say? I'm a bit of a long john guy. MIKE A few more donuts and you'll be looking like a "wide john" guy...anyway...your resume acts as the first impression with your potential employer, and ultimately can be the deciding factor in whether or not you even get an interview. JEFF That's why we've decided to give you our Top 5 tips for getting the most out of your resume. And make sure you watch this video until the end, because we're going to show you exactly how to make sure your resume stands out against all of your competition. So what's the first tip Mike? MIKE Our first resume tip is to keep it simple in terms of design. If your resume looks cluttered and confusing to you, imagine what the hiring manager is going to think - That you're a cluttered and confused employee. You also want to stay away from using any fancy designs and fonts. That means none of your signature smiley faces or hearts, okay Jeff? JEFF Copy that Mike. Tip #2 is that you need to include important keywords in your resume. Companies nowadays use digital database technology to scan resumes for important keywords, meaning, that if you don't have those keywords in your resume than your resume won't get put in the "yes" pile! You can generally find the best keywords to use in the job description. MIKE Our third resume tip is to use what we like to call "power words". Instead of writing that you "worked on this or that", try using more effective vocabulary like "implemented", "developed", "initiated" or "executed". These power words will show the potential employer that you are capable and intelligent. JEFF Tip #4 is to remember to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Every job you apply for is going to have a unique set of requirements, and you should ensure that your experience and skills are completely aligned with those requirements. You should have a different, unique resume for every job you apply for. MIKE And last but not least, Tip #5 is to consider getting professional help. While you are definitely capable of putting together an acceptable resume, in today's grueling job market, sometimes "acceptable" just isn't enough. It's really important that you stand out, so having a professional writer in your corner will not only save you a ton of time, but also ensure your first impression is a memorable one. JEFF Mike's right. A lot of our students use resume-writing and editing services with great success. So we wanted to go out and try a few of them out, and see which ones we liked the best. We found one that did a really great job, and have written a review for it. MIKE If you think you need some help with your resume, we suggest that you read the review right away! These professionals will help you with using keywords, tailoring your resume to the job you're interviewing for, and ensure that your resume gets put on the "yes pile" every time!

Here you are going to learn how you can insert your picture in your resume. Just follow the 10 steps and you'll learn how to do it within 6 minutes. If you want to get regular IT related video tutorials please subscribe to my channel. Thanks.

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