MUDCRAB Catch n Cook! Caught Using a CRAB POT

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SPEARFISHING CATFISH! Catch n Cook - Cooked in the Coals!

I rode my bike down to the creek and went spearfishing for some lunch! Caught a nice Eel-tailed Catfish and cooked it up in the coals with some lemon and salt! Enjoy :) My instagram: Guitar: Drums: Didge: Thanks for watching!

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Primitive Technology - Finding horseshoe crabs - grilled horseshoe crabs eating delicious 13

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I head to the mangroves at low tide to set up a crab pot to catch some Mudcrabs for dinner! I cook it up with some lemon and seafood seasoning and mate... it just tasted that damn good!!!

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Hope you liked the vid Bushwackers! See ya next time :)

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