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Sponge Cake without Oven || Basic Plain & Soft Sponge cake || w/ Eng. Subtitles

Sponge Cake without Oven || Soft Sponge cake || w/ Eng. Subtitles ; vanilla sponge cake

Potato poori || Aloo Puri Recipe | How to make Aloo puri

Potato poori || Aloo Puri Recipe | How to make Aloo puri

Classic Potato Croquettes - By RECIPE30.com

Get full recipe here http://www.recipe30.com The French word “Croquette” means “To crunch” and croquettes are usually small cylindrical shaped food rolls that are coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. These croquettes are fluffy and buttery on the inside with a slight crunch on the outside making them irresistible. Used as a side dish, there is no need to add any other ingredients, it’s the simplicity that makes these little puffs of joy incredible. The key is to use potatoes that don’t contain much water, the ones you would buy for frying. I like to bake mine in the oven for total dryness, but they also work in the microwave if you’re in a hurry. If you have leftover mash or baked potatoes, use those, it’s a great way to recycle leftovers into a new creation. Use real butter for that great flavour and make them part of your next meal. Get full recipe here http://www.recipe30.com SEND FAN MAIL & PRODUCTS TO REVIEW - TO: PO BOX 416 MOUNT MARTHA 3934 VICTORIA AUSTRALIA https://www.instagram.com/recipe30/ https://www.facebook.com/recipe30/ Business inquiries: joel@recipe30.com

Easy tomato carrot onion soup - Superfood Simple and Healthy

Hi, this is a really simple quick soup. Only takes minutes to prepare but it is super healthy. I hope you will like it. Enjoy! Easy pumpkin soup: http://youtu.be/bq0z7Cq0j6M

Roasted Garlic

http://www.chefspencil.com/recipe/roasted-garlic/ A simple step by step recipe video by professional Chef on how to roast beautifully sweet garlic.

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