How to create a smart contract using Xstyler: resume form

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How to store Data in Ethereum Blockchain? (No previous programming skills required)

In this tutorial we are going to explore different ways of how to actively store data into the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts written in solidity -Key Terms: Data Types Functions Mapping & Structs -Smart Contract source code: *********************************************************************** This is a pilot video to better illustrate the idea behind my channel. Let me know guys if you like the idea and if you want to see more of this content. As you might have noticed, this is my very first time doing videos :D. Anyways, it serves the purpose of presenting the idea :). I hope you'll find this useful and looking forward for your feedback! Cheers, Zeldin

JSON Powered WebForms in Angular.js and React.js

This presentation walks you through the evolution of Webforms on the web and describes a new paradigm in webform rendering which uses JSON schemas to dynamically render the form within the front end application. These renderings leverage the capabilities from popular front end frameworks such as Angular.js and React.js to create a very robust, flexible, and extensible method for both creating and managing webforms within your application. He also describes a new solution called which makes this new webform paradigm easy for developers. Slides:

Hyperledger Composer Playground - Create and Test a Blockchain Network

Hyperledger Composer is a tool for quickly building blockchain business networks and prototyping blockchain applications. In this video, learn how to quickly model and test a blockchain business network based on the Perishable Goods Network template in Playground. ******* LINKS: * Hyperledger Composer Tutorial Part 1 -

LIVE Day Trading Forex & CFD [Wed 16 Jan 2019]

SwingFish Trade #Forex Live Detailed Journal: Like the cTrader platform? (it's free) Trading Forex is not easy money all day, mostly it's waiting for the opportunity to present itself, this live stream is meant to show this, and how trading in reality is. Join our Free Discord Chat This Video is part of our Community, Build to stand together against the typical Trading myths, removing the Conflict of Interest, no BS, and most importantly everything is Free of charge forever. Sorry, there is no Holy Grail here, just the Truth. #forex #daytrade #live

How To Use Panasonic Styling Brush Iron EH-HT40 | Bob Style

posted on on: Dec, 25, 2015 The EH-HT40 is an ideal, multifunctional brush iron that realizes a variety of hairstyles such as naturally straight hair, volumised top and curls in different sizes - as you like according to the occasion. The hair-catching clip makes it easy to curl shorter, layered hair without getting loose.

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