Chukandar Da Halwa Quick Recipe|Beetroot Halwa Recipe

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Quick Halwa - Tirunelveli Halwa Style | Easy Halwa | Wheat Halwa | Godhumai Halwa

#halwa #quickhalwa #Wheathalwa #tirunelvelistylehalwa #instanthalwa #wheatflourhalwa #easyhalwa #quickandeasyhalwa #instanttastyhalwa #alwa Deepavali Sweets: Homemade ghee recipe : Sweets and Snacks: Tirunelveli is famous for its Halwa. Preparing Tirunelveli Halwa at home requires time. Here is a quick and simple method to prepare this halwa recipe in tamil at home without compromising on its taste. Traditionally whole wheat is soaked, ground , diluted with water, let to rest, and the sediment is collected to make halwa. In this method we are going to use whole wheat flour to make halwa. We are not using white sugar and instead using brown sugar. The authentic look of Tirunelveli Halwa comes from its rich brown colour. It is got by caramalising sugar, Which not only gives colour but also a rich and distinct flavoured halwa. Halwa is done during deepavali in Indian homes as a sweet dish. It is one of the sweet recipes that is done without fail during diwali. Ingredient and Method: Whole wheat flour - 1 cup** Water - 1/2 cup Salt - 1 pinch For caramel : 1/4 cup brown sugar For sugar syrup : Brown sugar - 1.25 cups. For halwa preparation: Butter - 1/2 cup ( 5 to 6 tblsp)approximately Cardomom powder - a pinch Cashews - 5 broken to an all bits ** - use any cup of your choice. Add everything together and mix to a dough. Place the dough in a reversed cotton bag. Keep it in a bowl and add 4 cups water. See to it that the dough is immersed well in the water. Leave it aside for 10 min. After 10 minutes, squeeze the dough well with your hands and extract juice. Since it is inside the bag it will be very easy to extract. Once all the juice is extracted, transfer to another bowl with 2 cups water and try extracting more. Combine both the extract and leave it aside undisturbed for 45 min. To 1 hour. After 1 hour separate the clear liquid that collects on top and the white sediment. For caramel: Heat 1/4 cup brown sugar in a pan. Keep the heat low and cook till the sugar caramelizes to a rich brown liquid. Transfer to a bowl and set aside. For sugar syrup: Heat 1.25 cups brown sugar with 1/2 cup of the clear liquid that we separated. *SECRET TIP*This is said to be the secret of authentic Tirunelveli Halwa recipe. Cook sugar syrup to 1 string consistency and pour the white part of the sediment. Keep stirring to prevent Lump formation. Within 2 minutes of stirring the mix will turn glossy. Start adding butter tblsp by tblsp. By the time the halwa is done, butter will become ghee giving the halwa a fresh taste and aroma of ghee. This is another *SECRET TIP* to get halwa like sweet stalls and bakery. Keep adding butter as it melts and get absorbed. Beyond 5 to 6 tblsp or 1/2 cup it will stop absorbing butter and instead start oozing out ghee towards the sides of the pan and on top. At this stage add caramel syrup prepared, a pinch of Cardomom and broken cashews. Any nuts of any quantity to your choice can be added. Mix well. The mixture will come together to a ball like consistency without sticking to the sides of the pan. Pour it into the greased container. Tap it gently and use the spatula to level the delicious and tasty halwa. It will be like you prepared an instant halwa since the process is very simple. Let it rest till it comes to room temperature . Transfer to a plate by gently reverting the vessel. Cut into pieces and enjoy this super easy, quick, simply, tasty and healthy halwa. Healthy cooking. Happy living. Like, comment, share and Subscribe Do check my other channels: For Kolam Channel : for recipes in English: Wheat flour dough halwa,wheat flour burfi, godhi halwa, tirunelvi halwa, Godhumai halwa, Godhumai maavu halwa,gothumai halwa

Desi Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe - Sweet Desert Dish at Tifin Box Indian Restaurant, Harrow Place, London.

✓ Once again, it's our pleasure as we revisit Tifinbox restaurant kitchen, where head chef Pankaj kindly reveals another of his recipe secrets from his restaurant menu. The recipe dish shown is a vegetarian treat specially suitable for people with a sweet tooth, it's a delicious veggie recipe. INGREDIENTS REQUIRED (you can adjust the quantities according to taste & requirements): * Grated Carrots. * Sugar. * Milk Powder. * Desi Butter Ghee. * Pistachios Roughly Chopped. * Almonds (without Skin). * Sultanas. * Cardamon. * Saffron. Once you watch this step by step video - you will know how to make this very popular sweet which is desired all year; usually after lunch or a dinner meal but especially enjoyed at Diwali time...........enjoy !!! The recipe quantities shown in the video are to serve approximately 40 to 45 large size portions (as this is a working commercial kitchen). We can confidently say that this is everyone's favourite winter dessert. A great taste with simple ingredients. This is very much a privileged peek into Tifin Box's restaurant kitchen, watching a highly experienced cook making a large quantity of yummy Indian food. As you know this restaurant is a favourite "Cutting Chai" place that we absolutely love, it's a place inspired by beautiful Mother India and the pavement kitchens that provide sustenance for its many inhabitants with the cheapest and tastiest of freshly made food anywhere. Where the street chefs create food that is blessed by hand and human touch and further energised and charged by positive thoughts which adds that magical ingredient that processed & machine made foods does not and cannot not have!!! This is a Punjabi Dhaba style place which offers a little taste of India in London. We would go as far as to say that this place is a foodies dream come true...........because these guys have created a delicious menu drawing inspiration from some of the classic and most famous street foods of India, this is wonderful "Restaurant Quality Food" but at very affordable street food prices!!! A lot of people ask; how can you tell if an Indian restaurant is good? Our answer always is look out for any place where "Desi" Indians eat.........every time we've visited here, we've always seen a large mix of customers, but also a lot of diners from the Indian subcontinent.........which we can say is the ultimate seal of approval !!! If you can remember, we "discovered" this secret place earlier last year when knowledgeable Gujarati Head Chef / Rasoi Pankaj shared his renowned Pav Bhaji recipe: & Dal Makhni Recipe: & "Sabzi Bhuna" Recipe: A special thank you to Chef Pankaj, Nipesh, Sunil & all the Tiffin Box team who very much welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to do the videoing. Please Note: that some of the menu items here are "specials" so may perhaps not be on the menu every day - if you're planning a visit to especially taste something particular, then please do phone ahead to make sure it's on the menu on the day that you plan to visit, you can call them on: 07760 900 590 TifinBox restaurant is located at: 14 Harrow Place, London E1 7DB Tiffin Box's Facebook page: @The.TifinBox (Video recorded on Wednesday 8th March 2017). I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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Beetroot ka Halwa | Beetroot sweet recipe
Ingredients we Need Are:
1- Five Beetroots
2-Milk One Cup
3-Sugar 1/2 Bowl
4-Green Cardamom and Black Cardamom Seeds of 5/6
5-Dry_fruits according to choice
6-Ghee (Clarified Butter) One Spoon
Try this tasty authentic and healthy recipe
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