How to Make Pancakes | Delicious Recipe

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HOW TO MAKE 10 PLAIN SCONES. EASY TO FOLLOW STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. Ingredients: 500g self raising flour 50g caster sugar 110g margarine (or soft butter but margarine works best) 300ml milk Music - 'Blue Danube' by Strauss

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The Every Day Gourmet Makes A Delicious Appetizer

Lee Wheeler -the Everyday Gourmet- prepares a delicious, easy to make, and inexpensive appetizer that only takes minutes to make. This was filmed on the Fourth of July. Follow these easy steps. This episode is for Picnic Lovers, and anyone who loves to cook.

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Sooo Fluffy!

Full recipe:
First of all pour one cup of milk into bowl, crack 3 eggs, ad 3 tbls of melted butter.
Throw sugar and pinch of salt.
Add 1 cup of all purpose flour together with 2 tsp baking powder to the wet mixture. Grind zest of one lemon, clementime and lime. Start mixing! ...... STOP! It's enought.
It is important not to overmix.
Small pieces of flour in the dough are good thing. Trust me!
Let the dough chill for 10 minutes in fridge .
After 10 minutes it's ready to rock! Start to make pancakes. Pancakes will be done in 3 minutes approx on medium heat.
When you see bubbles on the edges of pancakes, it's time to flip it on other side.
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