How to make Waste Bin on Paper

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Homemade Pen stand and Mobile phone holder with ice cream sticks

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TUTORIAL: Polymer Clay Butterfly Fairy ♡ Doll Chibi

I'M BACK! Haha, hey guys! Long time no see! ♡ I've been really busy this school year, but now that I'm on break I can finally start making videos again. I have a better camera, lighting and video editor now, so hopefully it makes the viewing experience more enjoyable! Thank you all for the support and 33K subscribers! :D Happy Crafting, and thanks for watching ♡ (Also, Happy Fourth to my fellow Americans ;3 ) ♫ Music: Fairy Forest - Derek Fiechter

How to Make Original Cheesecake - Recipe

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30 Brilliant Organizing Ideas For Tiny Bathroom

Related info for 30 Organizing Ideas For Tiny Bathroom Video: 1. Frame to mirror DIY: 2. Spice racks for hair products and lotions. DIY: 3. Coat hooks for shared bathrooms. DIY: 4: Small storage solutions Product: 5. keep pins in check with magnets. DIY: 6. Two shower rods DIY: 7. Book shelf above door for extra storage DIY: 9. Use a stacked plate rack to make extra counter storage space. DIY: 10. Make a magnet board to organize your makeup DIY: 11. Hang up mason jars to store little things, like cotton balls and makeup sponges. DIY: 12. Choose a larger mirror to reflect more space. 13. Roll your towels, don’t fold them DIY: DIY: 15. Install multiple towel rods on the back of your door. DIY: 16. Screw a magazine holder onto the back of a cabinet door to store the hair dryer DIY: 17. Bring wrinkled clothes in while you shower DIY: 18. Place your reader in a ziploc bag so you can read without worrying DIY: 19. Drill your way to clean. DIY: 20. Stow spare rolls of toilet paper in a clear glass vase or umbrella stand DIY: 21. Vertical Towel Rack Product: 22. Rolling Towel Product: 23. kitchen utensil tray to organize bathroom toiletries DIY: 24. bags and jars of bathtub salts into cookie jar DIY: 25. Old mason jars to hold your makeup brushes DIY: 26. small tension rod to hang cleaning supplies DIY: 27. Cake stand store shower products DIY: 28. adhesive wall organizers to store small, hard-to-find products. DIY: 29. Butter dish to hold and cover your cotton balls, sponges, and cotton swabs. DIY: 30. Store hairstyling products in a wine rack DIY: Intro: Music by BENSOUND Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library


Vamos a reciclar papel de publicidad, también puede ser papel de revistas, de periódico, de hoja de cuadernos, o cualquier papel que a ti se te ocurras que se puedan hacer tubitos, es una forma fácil y practica de hacer una cesta o canasta de ropa sucia, el papel es el material básico, y luego solo usaras pegamento y pinturas, te dejo con el vídeo y espero que te guste.

Today I will show you how to make a paper basket from surplus egg salary. Thanks to this organizer, you will get a helpful assistant for very little penance.

We will need: 5 cardboard wallets, a fusible gun, clothes pegs, a knife

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