Peach Mango Lemonade w/ (Peach Ciroc)

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Little Recipe of Mine: Mango Lemonade

Dreaming of Summer? Fix up some fresh Mango Lemonade *RECIPE BELOW* Subscribe to My Channel Here: Pre-Order My Cookbook here: Little Recipe of Mine: Mango Lemonade Ingredients & Recipe: In Blender: 1 Mango (Chopped up into Chunks) 1/2 Cup of Sugar (Cane or Regular) Splash of Water In Pitcher: 1 Cup of Lemon Juice (Using about 4-5 Fresh Lemons) 1 Cup of Sugar 4 Cups of Water *Secret Ingredient* 2-3 Dashes of Aromatic Bitters Add Mango Puree into Pitcher Serve Over Ice and Enjoy! Follow me on INSTAGRAM: Follow me on TWITTER:

3 Quick And Easy Holiday Appetizers

Quick And Easy Holiday Platter!!! Don't Have Much Time To Spend In The Kitchen This Holiday Season!!! Well I Have 3 Perfect Quick And Easy Appetizer Recipe Ideas That Will Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Guests!!! Appetizer # 1 Bacon Macaroni Cups Ingredients Needed 16 ounce box elbow macaroni Salt to taste (for boiling water) 2 tablespoons virgin olive oil (to prevent pasta from sticking) Cheese Sauce Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 cup half-and-half 8 ounces cheese total Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste Season All to taste Small amount whole milk to loosen up sauce only if necessary Precooked Bacon slices example Turkey or preferred Dried parsley for garnish Italian Breadcrumbs Boiling macaroni, according to instructions on back of box. Straining and rinsing with cold water to stop cooking process. Cheese Sauce Recipe Using a medium size pot adding butter when melted add small amounts of all-purpose flour and whisking to combine. Adding half-and-half and combining, adding cheese and stirring until melted. Adding salt to taste, ground black pepper to taste, and season all to taste and combining. Adding cheese and stirring until melted and well incorporated. Taking cheese sauce pouring over macaroni and combining, Adding bacon, dried parsley and combining once more. Tasting once more and adding more seasoning if necessary. Scooping macaroni into nonstick grease cupcake pan, and topping with breadcrumbs. Placing into preheated 425°F oven and allowing to bake for about 12 to 14 minutes or until edges are golden brown. (according to oven and size of pan being used be mindful to check before 12 to 14 minutes.) Removing from oven, setting aside and allowing to cool for about 10 to 15 minutes before using a bread knife or small spatula around edges loosening to make removing from pan easier. Appetizer # 2 Smoked Turkey Monterey Jack Pinwheels Ingredients Needed Phillsbury Pizza Dough Smoked Turkey Breast deli slices or preferred Pepper Jack Cheese slices or preferred Cheese 1 Tbsp Butter 1/4 tsp minced garlic Dried Parsley Preheating a oven to 400°F Unrolling Crescent Dough Sheet and floured surface. Layering with smoked turkey or preferred meat. Topping with Pepper Jack, Monterey Jack or preferred cheese. Rolling tightly and securely. Using a serrated knife cutting pinwheels and placing onto nonstick greased baking sheet. Baking until golden brown and topping with butter parsley mixture. Appetizer# 3 Assorted Mini Turkey Meatball Cups Ingredients needed Pillsbury crescent dough sheet Turkey mini meatballs Tomato Basil or preferred pasta sauce Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce or preferred 4 Cheese blend (example Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, Romano) Preheating oven to 350°F. Removing meatballs from freezer to thaw. Greasing nonstick mini cupcake pan for extra added reassurance. Cutting as many squares needed according to size of pan. Placing squares into each slot and pushing up along the sides of the pan. Placing a small amount of shredded cheese into each cup. Placing meatball on top of cheese and pressing down gently and topping with preferred sauce. Placing into oven to bake until slightly golden brown, removing and topping with cheese and placing back into oven until cheese is melted and dough is golden brown. Happy Holidays!!! Enjoy!!!

The Best Way to Ripen Peaches

A ripe peach is worth waiting for. Here's a simple tutorial, a how-to for ripening peaches once you get them home. And it has nothing to do with a paper bag, and it works!

15 Cooking Tricks Chefs Reveal Only at Culinary Schools

Bright Side found out 15 simple but effective cooking tips every foodie should know. These secrets will help you to make your dishes taste just as great as Gordon Ramsay's (or even better!). How do restaurant chefs manage to cook delicious culinary masterpieces so fast? Professional chefs usually keep all their cooking tricks a secret and share them only with their students. TIMESTAMPS The perfect steak 0:47 The juiciest meat 1:31 Flavoring spices 2:24 Light and airy dough 3:05 Fish with a delicate crust 3:39 Cooking steak without oil 4:13 Creamy mashed potatoes 4:41 Excellent cream soup 5:29 The best pancakes 6:19 Sugar is not for sweetness 6:51 The most difficult one: perfectly fried eggs 7:15 Clear broth 8:10 Crispy bread crust 9:06 Cook onions correctly 9:46 Don't be afraid of garlic 10:32 SUMMARY - Don't fry a piece of meat that you've just taken out of the fridge. Leave it for an hour or 2 before cooking to let it come up to room temperature. Now you'll fry the meat evenly and get a great meal, regardless of how you like your steak done. - It takes time to fry chicken or pork properly, and you can dry them out very easily. To avoid this, many European chefs use a simple trick: they put the meat in a brine. It's very easy to make a good brine: take 3 cups of water, and add ¼ cup of salt and ¼ cup of sugar. Pour the brine into your meat so that the liquid covers it, and put the bowl in a fridge. - To extract natural flavors and enhance the taste of the black pepper or cumin in your dish, toss them in a pan over medium heat, toasting them until they're fragrant. After that, you can use a mortar and pestle to grind your spices. - If you want to make it perfect, here is a simple rule. Take the butter and eggs out of the fridge the night before to let them come up to room temperature. - If you want to fry fish on a grill, spread some mayonnaise on it to get a tasty, delicate crust. Take a pastry brush, dip the tip in the sauce, and lightly apply mayo to the fish. Add some salt, and then grill it. - Alain Ducasse, one of the most famous chefs in the world, revealed his secret for cooking a great steak. The steak is placed on its edge because it renders the fat. Now you're able to cook the steak in beef fat, plus it creates a delicious crust on the edges. - Before turning boiled potatoes into the mashed ones, you need to dry them properly. Just place them in a clean heated frying pan, and keep them there until the remains of water dry out. Don't let the heat fry them. When the potatoes are dry, you'll get the best creamy mashed potatoes. - Right before you start cooking it, fry all the vegetables separately with olive oil. Then add some water or broth. Frying will caramelize the sugar in the vegetables and enhance their flavor. The dish will be exquisite and tasty. - Regardless of the recipe you follow, always add two tablespoons of sour cream to the mix. This trick suits all kinds of pancakes well, and they turn out to be very tasty, fluffy, and free of cracks. - Sugar can be as good a seasoning as salt. Add a bit of sugar to a dish with pickled or fresh tomatoes or a tomato paste. The sugar reduces their natural sourness and makes any meal taste better. - The 3 components of perfectly fried eggs are a thick-walled frying pan, butter, and minimum heat. Heat up the frying pan, and add 1/2 tablespoon of butter. It has to melt slowly, not reach a sizzle. Break the eggs, and cook for 4-5 minutes. Add salt, and enjoy perfectly fried eggs. - A clear broth is the main component in many soups, sauces, and other dishes. To make a crystal clear broth, you need to cook chicken on a low heat without a cover for at least 3 hours. - If you bake at home, you might have faced difficulties with your crust: it's either too pale or too thick. You can solve this problem quite easily by putting a bowl of water into your oven when you bake. Instead of such a bowl, you can use a tray full of ice cubes. -Use a medium heat for frying, and add both cooking oil and butter to the heated frying pan. Cut the onions, and fry them with some salt. - If you still love to eat it but don't want to frighten away your date or wreck the negotiations, don't add garlic to the dish. Instead, you can apply some garlic juice to the plate. Thus you'll avoid the unpleasant smell and enjoy your favorite flavor. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

7 Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know

How to drink coffee the right way and healthy? Why is coffee good for you? Here are 7 surprising reasons why you need to get yourself a cup of coffee right now. TIMESTAMPS Coffee boosts brainpower 0:40 Coffee increases blood pressure 1:46 Coffee makes your immune system stronger 2:24 Coffee relieves a headache 3:16 Coffee reduces stress 3:51 Coffee improves your memory 4:40 Coffee helps you lose weight 5:30 An amazing coffee cocktail recipe 6:06 SUMMARY - Coffee with sugar can turn you into a little genius for a while because the combination of caffeine and glucose activates certain sectors of your brain. The caffeine in coffee acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system. This neuronal activity triggers the release of the adrenaline, that will affect your body in several ways: your heartbeat increases, blood pressure rises, breathing tubes open up, sugar is released into the bloodstream for extra energy. - You might want to keep off the coffee if you are going to have a blood pressure test within the next 2 days. If you have high blood pressure, ask your doctor whether you should limit or stop drinking caffeinated beverages. - Coffee is known for its energy-boosting caffeine effect -- is an abundant source of nutrients and healthful chemicals that can aid your immune system. According to scientists from several countries, coffee reduces the risk of premature death. This is because coffee alters your immune system, making it stronger and healthier. - The caffeine can cure headaches and migraines. People are aware that caffeine is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate, but may not know that caffeine is also contained in a variety of over the counter medications. That’s why it’s an ingredient in a lot of traditional pain relievers. - Coffee acts well as an anti-stress substance due to the release of dopamine and serotonin, which "trigger" a good mood. One cup, or even just the smell of coffee, can calm your nerves. This could explain a lower risk of depression among coffee drinkers. - Coffee can positively affect mood, enhance alertness, and memory abilities. The stimulators and neuro-mediators obtained from coffee not only boost your mood and productivity but also improve your memory. Of course, this only works with your short-term memory. - Coffee can keep off and help you lose excess weight. It can temporarily suppress your appetite and may stimulate minimal calorie burning. When the level of the hormone leptin is low, your body starts storing fat, and you gain weight. Coffee, however, increases the hormone levels in your body. BONUS If you're looking for something sweet to pair your milk, this cocktail recipe is a must. It is deliciously smooth and refreshing and, if bottled, ready to take on the go. • Make your favorite coffee. • Let it cool off, then fill an ice cube tray with the coffee. • Place it in the freezer. On a hot day, add the coffee cubes to a glass of milk. Sip a delicious mix and feel wonderful! Share the video with your friends to keep them caffeinated and hit the like button below the video! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Peach Mango Lemonade, made with fresh ripe peaches, sweet delicious mangoes, and freshly squeezed lemons. Made with all natural ingredients and can be served at anytime. The great thing about this Peach Mango Lemonade recipe is you can take it from kid friendly to Adult Happy Hour by adding Peach Liquor.

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