Nutella Banana and Nutella Strawberry Blueb Crepe

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Shanghai's Street Food Scene

As profiled in "The Streets of Heavenly Dumplings," in the June issue of Condé Nast Traveler, when Jean-Georges Vongerichten craves something local and delicious in Shanghai, he heads for the vendors in the French Concession. Here, some scenes from the street show by Andrew Rowat for Condé Nast Traveler Read the story:

Smoked salmon, Cream Cheese and Egg crepe!

Smoked salmon, Cream Cheese and Egg crepe!

ダシ巻き玉子焼 Japanese Omelette

だし巻き玉子の作り方 回転寿司旬楽 恵庭 北海道 How to make a Japanese rolled omelette ( Dashimaki Tamago ) as demonstrated by the Master Chef at the Shunraku Kaiten Sushi Restaurant, Shunraku on Route 36 Eniwa Hokkaido. 材料 Ingredients 玉子 eggs 8 砂糖 sugar 30g 塩 salt 3g みりん Mirin 1tsp (1パイ) 酒 Sake 1 tsp (1パイ) カツオダシ Bonito Stock 180ml

$30 Crepe Maker Test (NutriChef)

In this episode Josh tests out a new electric crepe maker/griddle. Seems to work great for ONLY $30! Linked below. Email Josh: The Crepe Maker: The Music: Jeff Kaale:

Crepas con cajeta en cabo san Lucas (proceso completo)

Este es un local en wallmart cabo san Lucas

Arbuz Cafe Nutella Banana Crepe and Nutella Strawberry Blueberry Crepe

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