YouTube Live at E3 2018: Monday with Ninja, Marshmello, PlayStation, Ubisoft, Todd Howard

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Ninja Las Vegas Heat 1 Game 1 - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

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Could Madara defeat the Akatsuki?

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Biggest Cheating Scandal in GTA History! Speedruns BANNED & REMOVED!

Massive news of cheating came out of the GTA speedrunning community recently... perhaps one of the biggest instances of cheating in modern speedrunning history... however there was also some very positive news from our pal DarkViperAU who we learned about in my previous Grand Theft Auto video... enjoy the twists and turns of this wild ride of GTA speedrunning in 2018! -- Videos & speedruns shown were: DarkViper - GTA V classic% WR in 6:32:59; DarkViper's Twitch: Anti_ - GTA:VC All Missions 2:11:36 (cheated) "Look at Dis!" by RoK_24: KZ_Frew explains Flying's cheated run: "rus drive xd2" by Powdinet: Anti_ - GTA3 Rampages 20:31 Anti_ - GTA:SA All Tags 29:25 Henning Blom - Frigate SA 1:00 (spliced) -- Threads & other documents referenced or shown: Anti_'s original pastebin: Anti_ banned for 1 year: Ruling revised, Anti_ permabanned: GTA writeup by moderator: thread about Anti's ban: thread about FLYING's run: -- You can find The-Elite World Rankings with tons of videos linked to it, right here: Feeling inspired to try for yourself? Sign up for The-Elite rankings here: As always, you can watch me live at follow at and support at Thanks for watching, and until next time, stay true!

Join Geoff Keighley and YouTube for Live at E3 2018 from Los Angeles. Ninja joins us live in the studio as a special guest host, as well as live coverage of PlayStation's E3 press conference and Ubisoft. More than 8 hours live with YouTube's top creators including Ali-A and Vikkstar.

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