SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Bad News!

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SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Bodyguard!

Bowser gets Junior a bodyguard!


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Epic Mario Bros.- Yoshi Park

Mario and Luigi go to Yoshi Park, where ancient Yoshis are brought back to life! EMB: Second Channel! Third Channel! Brother! Fourth Channel! EMB Wiki: EpicMarioBros is a Mario plush channel on YouTube! EMB started back in 2011, when my brother and I started making plush videos. In 2013, I uploaded these low quality plush videos, and decided to make more. I have been making these ever since, and now with better equipment and technology. I hope you enjoy the content! Software Used: -Final Cut Pro -Adobe After Effects -Blender 3D -Adobe Photoshop Equipment: -Lumix GX1 -Cowboy Studios Lighting -Tripod (Unknown producer) Music from:

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Bowser Junior gets some bad news!

Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES!

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