Review HitLights RGB Multi Color Changing LED Strip Light Plug Play Kit

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Colour Changing Light Bulb With Remote Control FIRST REVIEW

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! £10 each from Wilkinsons (price correct as of 24/10/15) FUNCTIONS 16 Colour functions 4 Transition modes 3 Light intensities Remote control with 5 metre range I was in Wilkinsons in Uxbridge and saw these and anything gadgety I like so I bought them. They are very low wattage (3w) and the ones I bought had a standard Bayonet fitting as is most common in the UK but in Wilko there were others with a weird top, I think it was for halogen light fittings and they were the same price. They are Crystalite (R) brand and the lamps have an average lifespan of 20.000 hours (the box says) They are not dimmable by dimmer switch, but they they have a similar function built in which is good. The dimensions are L=110mm D=60mm in other words, very similar to a standard lightbulb. They are also very light in weight approximately 64 grams.

Color Changing LED Strip, White LED strip, and LED Light Unboxing and Review

Whats up guys and gals. Today we have an unboxing and review of a couple of items from hitlights. After the video go on over to their website to see all the other cool stuff that they have! Hope you like the vide, and like always, have a great day. -----Open------ ------Links--------- -------My links----------

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