Bannu special wedding dish "Posti" "Painda"

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Eat at your own risk: Indian Streetfood 🤢

■ PODCAST: Walking around New Delhi’s mega food market I lost my friend but won some hearts. Indian sweethearts of highly edible quality to be precise. So how did they taste? Pretty much like dry chicken or pork. I’m also happy to report that none of the food I tried that day less to any Delhi belly problems. Indian food is waaay underrated. .

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LONG LIFE FOOD in Hunza Valley - HEAVEN ON EARTH, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!

SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos every week T-shirts and caps: Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market): I want to say a massive thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market): Without him, this entire trip wouldn’t have been possible. Also, thank you to Hunza Serena Inn ( for sponsoring our stay in Hunza Valley. The goal of today’s food tour was to uncover some of the secrets of the long life food of Hunza Valley. Especially traditionally, people were known to live very long and healthy lives - a combination of eating seasonally, lots of nuts, and apricots, and fresh mountain air - we also discovered a few dishes that must have led to long life. But we began our day in Gilgit, and first thing at daybreak, we drove about 20 minutes outside of Gilgit to start our morning from a strategic viewpoint. There’s a confluence where three of the highest mountain ranges in the world - Himalayas (Mount Everest), Karakorams (K2), and Hindu Kush, mountains come together. It’s a magical place, and we were literally the only people there. We then headed back to Serena Gilgit Hotel for breakfast before starting our day to Hunza Valley. The drive was spectacular from start to finish - you will literally feel your jaw dropping as you drive and you almost cannot believe the scenery will possibly get better… and it does. Chapshoro Point - Along the Karakoram Highway from Gilgit to Hunza Valley one of the most famous foods is chapshoro, a meat filled dough pocket. It’s a great tea snack - and we’d be having a few more of these today. Total price - 900 PKR ($6.74) Hunza Valley - We arrived to Hunza Valley and immediately checked in to Hunza Serena Inn, with an almost unbelievable view from our patio. Baltit Fort - We quickly hiked up to Baltit Fort, a spectacular and iconic fort within Hunza Valley and then walked down for a quick bite to eat. Hunza Food Pavilion - Just a small little cosy restaurant, yet so inviting and so many good aromas coming out of the kitchen. We ordered chapshoro again, and daodo soup, both of which were amazing. Total price - 630 PKR ($4.72) Osho Maraka - Hunza Serena Inn - We then headed back to the hotel where they wanted to prepare a local Hunza Valley food lunch for us. The food was good, a little on the plain side for me, but very fresh and local ingredients. Eagles Nest - Next we drove up one of the main mountains of Hunza Valley for the view. Although we were late for the sunset, the view was still spectacular. Traditional Hunza Valley food - In the evening is when the real authentic Hunza Valley food and cultural learning began. We were invited (thanks to the Gilgit Baltistan tourism ministry for setting it up) to a 400 year old home for a time of music and local Hunza Valley food. The old home was beautiful, and they immediately started playing amazing local music. The food was authentic and local - lots of whole grains, walnuts and almonds, and plenty of apricot oil. One of the dishes, a tortilla like bread filled with walnut paste and apricot oil was one of the secret dishes of longevity - so I was told! Whatever the case, the food, people, and experience, was outstanding. By this time I have to stay I was tired, cold, and ready to go back to the hotel to sleep, but they said, we need to stop at one more place. It was completely dark, and looked abandoned. But we stepped inside a home, and there were at least 20 people huddled in the house, waiting for us. I was blown away and humbled. They made us tea and a few local pancake like snacks. It was beyond special. Thank you to everyone involved, and to the families for their amazing hospitality and kindness. Another absolutely incredible day of food and people in Pakistan. Watch the entire Pakistani video series: Ali: Joel: MUSIC: Logo: CAMERA GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: Main lens: 2nd lens: Microphone: Drone: FOLLOW: Instagram: Facebook: Thank you for watching!

Centuries ago, this tradition is transferring generation to generation.
All Bannu natives wishes to have posti painda their prime dish of wedding reception.

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