How to Get Flat Cake Layers

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Masterclass: How to Decorate a Layer Cake with Smooth Buttercream Icing | Cupcake Jemma

Ever wondered how we professionals get our layer cakes to look so smooth and neat? Well this video is fo' YOU! I will show you step by step how it's done, with lots of tips and tricks. You will need layers of cake in your choice of flavour and size and enough buttercream to fill and cover it!

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How to Get Flat Cake Layers
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Few things frustrate me more than domed cake layers with burnt edges. I make cakes QUITE often so you can imagine I like things to go smoothly especially since I’m usually filming and sharing the results. When I first started out my cakes had a very “home made” look about them, the corners were rounded and they often sagged at the edge or even drifted off to one side. The taste was good but appearances matter so I would have to trim the top off of my domed layers to get a flat top but then you end up with extra cake and lots of crumbs! Eventually I realized the problem wasn’t with the recipe but the bake itself.

When you bake cake layers the outside heats up and baked more quickly than the center, which is insulated by the rest of the batter surrounding it. So basically the outside of the cake layer bakes first; the inside of the cake layer has more time to rise and by the time the inside is set and baked through the outside is starting to dry out and burn. This is why you see so many cakes with dark edges which are not pillowy soft.

Here's a link to buy the cake strips I use if you want to pick up a set:

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