Roblox Space Mining Tycoon: 8k+ Blue Crystal Setup

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BUILDING A SPACE MINE - Space Mining Tycoon #1

Welcome to Seniac's Space Mining Plant where i turn ore's into profit in Space Mining Tycoon! Can we get 500 Likes? Seniac Store - Second Channel: Play Game: Subscribe: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Comment "SpaceyBalls" down below to make people think you are weird in the comments section, But don't tell them why!! Only true fans will do this!!!

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Roblox Space Mining Tycoon: My Setup Walkthrough (V. 1.234)

Just me doing a quick description of my setup for this game. If you want to check the game out, LInk \/


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How to get the battery Space Mining Tycoon

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Hi guys, a quick follow up to my last video. The last video my blue crystal was worth about 4k. This current setup produces around 8k for 1 blue crystal. I know the cooling tank isn't needed, but I leave it there anyway. Thanks for watching guys and gals!
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