How to Use Silicone Molds | Everything You Want to Know from Rosanna Pansino

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Subscribe for new monthly videos: Hello everyone ! :) Thanks for watching! Scroll down for more info: If you are having difficult to find food grade silicone watch Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" Smooth-Sil 940 Food Grade Mold Making Silicone Rubber Today I'll show you how to make moulds with silicon and left over fondant ! """" REMEMBER: IF YOU ARE USING THIS MOULD FOR FOOD YOU MUST USE FOOD-GRADE SILICONE. """" My names Verusca Walker and I am a passionate cake artist. I upload videos every month so don't forget to follow me if you're new ! ANY VIDEO SUGGESTIONS LEAVE IN THE COMMENTS. ***ALSO! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR MY STRUCTURED CAKE BOOK COMING VERY SOON !! *** ✓FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA : Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ........................................­........................................­.................................... INGREDIENTS: All purpose silicone or Food grade silicone Silicone gun Cornflour Vegetable oil gloves food colour paddle pop stick Vegetable paper   In a plastic container with cornflour squirt +/- 50g of silicone, add a dot of food colour and mix all together Add 1/2 spoon of vegetable oil, mix it. Add 2 spoon of cornflour and mix it again. With gloves knead until becomes a putty. If still stick add more cornflour. Spray item with vegetable oil and press item against putty. ........................................­........................................­.................................. ✓BIG THANKS TO: APPLIANCES: PRODUCTION/MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS ENQUIRIES: Remy Taylor Twitter: @remelise Contact: ✓FAQs: What mixer do you use? Kitchen aid What camera do you use? Nikon D3200 What do you use to edit your videos? iMovie 10.0.9 How do you light your videos: Natural lighting, downlights and 3 large umbrella lights

How to make LEGO CANDY with Nerdy Nummies! Feast of Fiction S3 E8

Watch our sit down talk with Ro! Check out Ro and Nerdy Nummies online! LEGO CANDY MOLD: To make our Lego mold, we created our own food-safe silicone mold with a product called CopyFlex. You can find out more about it here: To create the mold, we used legos and made a small little basin for the mixture. We made sure this was two blocks high. Then place whatever legos you want to mold inside making sure they are one space away on all edges. Mix your silicone mold materials and then slowly pour the silicone in. Pour from a high height so the silicone is very thin by the time it reaches the Lego basin. Slowly fill up the entire mold from one end to the next. After 4-5 hours, the entire mixture will have solidified and you can remove the Lego pieces and voila, you've got a mold you can make candy with! LEGO GUMMY CANDY: 1 package of flavored Jello 3 packages of unflavored gelatin 1/2 cup of water In a bowl, combine the jello, unflavored gelatin and stir. Pour in your 1/2 cup of water and stir until no clumps remain and let sit for a few minutes. In a pan, heat up water and place the bowl inside and stir the gelatin until it completely dissolves. It should create a layer of foam across the top. Place your mold on a baking pan or a moveable flat surface like a cuttin board. Using a syringe or turkey baster, extract your Jello dissolved mixture and into your mold. To avoid bubbles, suck the mixture out from the bottom of the bowls and make sure to slowly put the mixture into the mold so it doesn't bubble up more. To make your gummy candy stackable, simply place flat lego pieces across the mold where you've poured the jello mixture in. Place the molds into a freezer and after about 15 minutes, your candy will have hardened into a gummy shape and you should be able to pull them out of the mold with ease! If you don't want to make your own mold, you can buy awesome ones from Amazon! Check these out: Filmed at Tastemade Studios in Santa Monica. Check out more Tastemade content at: ================= Send us things! Feast of Fiction PO Box 862272 Los Angeles, CA 90086 Download the Soundtrack: Merch: Twitter: Facebook:

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How to use the McGreevy Cakes Face Mold!

You can purchase the mold, here... and/or read more about it, here... You can get the 1" foam ball, here... and lollipop sticks, here... and petal dust palette, here...

Free Frozen Elsa Cake Tutorial

A free full length tutorial by Serdar Yener on how to make a 3D Elsa Cake from the movie Frozen. Free downloadable course material is available at the following link... For more tutorials, visit

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Ro gives you the scoop on Wilton silicone bakeware. Find out how to use our silicone and how to clean it. Tips, tools and ingredients listed below.

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Will silicone melt in the oven? Can I freeze it? Is silicone bakeware nonstick? Is it dishwasher safe? You asked. She answered. Join the host of “Nerdy Nummies” Rosanna Pansino to get the answers to your questions on baking with silicone molds.

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