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10 Signs Your Kidneys Are Crying for Help

Your body sends you cries for help when something isn't working the way it should. Here’s a list of 10 signs which indicate that your kidneys aren’t working properly. Show some love to these bean-shaped organs by watching the video till the end! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Shocking Results to Metformin Study

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why would someone recommend a medication that would potentially harm you? Watch this video to educate yourself about the potential side effects of popular diabetes drug Metformin and natural alternatives available to you.

L Methylfolate: What, Why, When, How and Side Effects

Order Dr Lynch's Book! Find L-Methylfolate supplements here: L Methylfolate is the most active and prevalent form of folate in the blood. Folic acid can negatively affect the genes which help product l-methylfolate. Learn from Dr Ben Lynch about: - What is L-Methylfolate? - Side effects of L-Methylfolate? (and read an article about it here - ) - Which form of L-Methylfolate should one use? - What are the differences between L-Methylfolate and 6S-Methylfolate? - and more Connect with Dr Ben Lynch: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instagram: Need L-Methylfolate? Dr Lynch formulated a variety of multivitamins, prenatals and more using L-Methylfolate. Health professional and need to use L-Methylfolate in your clinic? We offer L-Methylfolate wholesale to health professionals. Obtain a Seeking Health Catalog - Free:

Prescription Drugs : The Costco Kickbacks - The Fifth Estate

Secret audio tapes and an exclusive television interview with an industry whistleblower reveal a shady practice that is industry-wide. A Fifth Estate investigation shows how Costco pressed one generic drug company for illegal payments to stock their products -- undermining government attempts to protect consumers. Two Costo executives pleaded guilty to professional misconduct in front of the Ontario College of Pharmacists and the company says it suspended the practices upon conclusion of its own internal investigation. Costco says it didn’t use the funds to “line our pockets” but on the contrary the payments “are used to defray our operating costs to allow us to pass the savings on to our customers.” Hear the secret audio tapes for the first time and meet the man who blew the whistle. And find out how Canadians could be saving billions on the cost of generic drugs. --- Subscribe for more videos from The Fifth Estate : Connect with The Fifth Estate online : Website : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : About the fifth estate : For four decades The Fifth Estate has been Canada's premier investigative documentary program. Hosts Bob McKeown, Habiba Nosheen, Gillian Findlay and Mark Kelley continue a tradition of provocative and fearless journalism. the fifth estate brings in-depth investigations that matter to Canadians – delivering a dazzling parade of political leaders, controversial characters and ordinary people whose lives were touched by triumph or tragedy.

Simple Exercises for Cervical & Spondylitis

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Meftal 500 mg Tablet is Used for Pain Relief. It Relieves Pain in Conditions like Period Pain, Headache, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain or Dental Pain.

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