How to Make Potato Smiley Recipe in Tamil| Potato Emoji Recipe In Tamil|Home Made Potato Smiley

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French Fries Recipe in Tamil | How to Make French Fries at Home

Hello Friends In this Video Demonstrates Making Process Of French Fries at Home Easily. Enjoy The Recipe

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सूजी का इतना टेस्टी और आसान नाश्ता की आप रोज़ बनाकर खाएंगे ...

Hello Friend's ….Aaj Main Aapko Quick & Easy Breakfast recipe..Suji Rolls..Batane wali hoon…Yeah Jitna Khane mein Tasty hai....Utna Banane mein ...Asan Itna hai…ki aap isse roz banakar khayegein….It's Healthy ... and Specially Kid's will Love to Eat it..... Doston Agar aapko meri yeah Recipe Pasand aaye toh…LIKE aur SHARE... Karna Nahi Bhule aur Latest Recipe Update ke ke Liye.. Subscribe Kare ..aur Bell Icon Press Kare…Free! Support & Subcribe My Channel : Youtube Channel : Breakfast Recipes /Suji Roll Ingrediants.... 1. Sooji /Rava (Semolina) thin - 1cup 2. Curd - 1/4cup 3. Black Pepper - 1/4ts 4. Salt to taste 5. Water - 1cup 6. Oi l- 1ts 7. Mustard seeds - 1/2ts 8. Cumin seeds - 1/2ts 9. Onion - 1 10. Green Chilli - 1 11. Turmuric - 1/4ts 12. Boil and mashed Potato - 4 13. Lemon juice -1/2 14. Corriander 15. Ghee (Clarified butter) 16. Cheese spread 17. Chaat Masala 18. Tomato sauce Method.... Batter Take a bowl add Sooji(Samolina) , Curd, Black pepper, Salt to taste and mix ...then add Water and Make semi thick batter… cover and keep it for 15min at kitchen counter … For Stuffing... Take a kadhai add oil.. keep gas in low to medium flame.. add mustard seeds , Cumin seed, Onion, green chilli and fry tiii onion get soft... Then add salt to taste, Turmuric mix it... add Boil and Mash potatoes and mix it nicely.. for flavour add lemon juice , coriender and mix it... stuffing is ready.. After 15 min…add Corriander in Suji Batter and Mix it well….

Healthy Dosa 4 Ways | Weight Loss Pancakes 4 Ways | Carrot Dosa | Beetroot Dosa

4 Healthy Dosas made with Spinach, Carrots, Bell Peppers and Beetroot. Puree the vegetable you like and add it to regular Dosa batter. This will help with intake of more vegetables and promotes health. 1. Beetroot Dosa 2. Spinach Dosa 3. Carrot Dosa, 4. Capsicum Dosa or Bell Pepper Dosa This would be a great recipe for people with special health conditions like Diabetes, hypertension and just any other disorder. Kids like this recipe and consume more of healthy stuff without stress. Include your kids when you make these special dosa's so they would understand healthy ways of eating Ingredients ========== Dosa Batter - as needed Spinach 2 Handfuls Carrots 2 Small BeetRoot 1/2 Bell Pepper 1/2 Salt - To taste Our Recipe Link for Spinach Peanut Chutney #Dosa4Ways, #skinnyDosaRecipe4ways, #HealthyDosa4Ways, #CapsicumDosaRecipe, #SpinachDosa, #CarrotDosa, #BeetrootDosa, #Dosa4Ways, #fusionCooking, #HealthRecipes #Recipes, #BabyFoods, #WeightLossFoods, Weight Loss Dinner Recipes, Weight Loss Dinner Recipes indian, dinner recipes for weight loss, weight loss recipes indian, Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: Gmail: Credits: Music by HookSounds: Disclaimer: We are not endorsing any product, person or entity in our channel. All the products, gadgets and other equipment used are owned by us and does not represent any brand or business.

Hello Friends In This Video Shows Making Of Interesting Potato Smiley-Emoji.Make This Tasty nad Interesting Recipe Enjoy It.
1. Potato Boiled-2 Cup Mashed
2. Bred Crumbs-1/4cup
3.Corn Flour-2tsp
4. Chilli Powder-1/2tsp
5. Salt As Per Taste
6. Oil For Fry

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