How to Make Chinese Dumplings (recipe) 饺子

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The Art Of Making Dumplings By Hand

I tried to make dumplings by hand, then we put them to the test to see which are better: homemade vs. store-bought? Learn how to make dumplings 3 different ways: steamed, pan fried and pan fried with wings.

The Secret to PERFECT Dumpling Fillings (w/ 5 Recipes)

Today’s video, I will show you 5 delicious dumpling fillings you must try. The video is a bit long, please stick with me till the end of the video. Because Not only you will get the recipes, I will talk about how to take any ingredients you have to create your own filling. Also, thanks to everyone who voted for this video - I have been working on it for weeks. I wrapped and ate countless dumplings. I love my job =) Please share this video with friends, family or cooking communities... it would mean the world to me. And don’t forget to give it a try yourself! See you next time... Quick Links: NO.1 Pork Cabbage Filling[白菜猪肉馅]: 00:30 NO.2 Spicy Beef Filling [牛肉馅]: 04:40 NO.3 Mushroom & Chicken Filling [香菇鸡肉馅]: 08:52 NO.4 Shrimp and Bamboo Shoot Filling [冬笋虾仁馅]: 12:10 NO.5 Vegetarian Dumpling Filling [糯米素菜馅]: 16:03 Homemade Garlic chili sauce: Dumpling From Scratch Video: Preview Shrimp Dumpling Recipe: Pan-fried soup dumping: Steam soup dumplings [Xiao Long Bao]: NO.1 Pork Cabbage Filling[白菜猪肉馅] (40-50 Dumplings) Ground pork 400 grams 1 egg 2 tsp of grated ginger 1/4 cup of diced scallion 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce [Pearl River Bridge Natural Brewed Light Soy Sauce:] 2 tsp of sesame oil [Amazon link:] 2.5 tbsp of homemade garlic chili sauce (It is optional. If you decide to skip it, be sure to adjust the saltiness and add some garlic in this recipe) Fresh shredded cabbage 600 grams (season with some 1.5 tsp of salt and squeeze the liquid out you will end up with about 350 grams of cabbage) NO.2 Spicy Beef Filling [牛肉馅] (40-45 big dumplings) 500 grams of ground beef 2 tsp of grated garlic 1 tsp of grated ginger 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce [Pearl River Bridge Natural Brewed Light Soy Sauce:] 1 tsp of salt The spice mix we made 1 egg 1/3 cups of beef stock or water 1/3 cup of scallion 1/2 cup of diced onion 1/3 cup of diced cilantro 2 tbsp of hot oil The spice mix 5 pieces of hot dried chilies 1 small piece of cinnamon 1 piece of bay leave 1 piece of star anise 1/2 piece of black cardamon 4 piece of clove 1/4 tsp of white pepper [Amazon link:] 1.5 tsp of Sichuan peppercorn [Amazon link:] NO.3 Mushroom & Chicken Filling [香菇鸡肉馅] (30-35 dumplings) 350 grams of ground chicken meat 1 tbsp of soy sauce 1.5 tbsp of the water that we soaked the mushroom with 1/2 tsp of salt 1/4 tsp of white pepper [Amazon link:] 1 egg 3/4 cups of diced rehydrated shiitake mushroom [Amazon link:] 3/4 cup of diced carrot 3 tbsp of scallion NO.4 Shrimp and Bamboo Shoot Filling [冬笋虾仁馅](40-50 dumplings) 10 ounces (283 grams) of peeled shrimp 8 ounces (226 grams) of ground pork 1 tbsp of soy sauce 1/4 tsp of white pepper 1 tsp of sugar 1/2 tsp of salt 1 tsp of grated ginger 2 tsp of grated garlic 1 tbsp of corn starch 1 egg 3 tbsp of water 2/3 cup of the minced baby bamboo shoot 2/3 cup of minced carrot 2 tsp of sesame oil [Amazon Link:] Carrot slices or parchment paper to prevent stickiness NO.5 Vegetarian Dumpling Filling[糯米素菜馅](50-60 dumplings) 1.5 cup of glutinous rice or regular rice 1 + 1/3 cup of water that we soaked the mushroom and the black fungus 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce 1 tbsp of soybean paste 2 tsp of dark soy sauce 1 tsp of sugar 2 tsp of vegetable oil 2/3 cup shredded cabbage 2/3 cup shredded carrot 2/3 cup rehydrated shitake mushroom 2/3 cup of rehydrated black fungus [Amazon link:] 3 tbsp of diced onion 3 tbsp of diced scallion 3 tbsp of diced cilantro 2 tsp of grated garlic 2 tbsp of hot oil 3/4 tsp of salt or to taste The rice we cooked 1 egg

灌汤包子 Soup Dumplings 详细图解教你包包子

灌汤包子,顾名思义,带有鲜汤的包子。在制作的过程中,打馅和包子皮的做法是最为关键的步骤。而吃的时候讲究的则是先喝汤,汤料的鲜美在嘴中回味的时候,再将包子蘸上陕西的油泼辣子酱油醋水,咬一口,那真是垂涎欲滴,口齿留香。 灌汤包子材料:(可以做36个小灌汤包子) 牛筋汤: 牛筋 500克 葱白 1根 生姜 1 块 香叶 3片 花椒 1克 1/2小勺 小茴香 1克 1/2 小勺 八角 1个 盐 4克 1/2小勺 面团: 中筋面粉 400克 两杯半多一些 160 °F/70 °C 水 250克 1 杯 馅料: 水 250克 1杯 花椒 1克 1/2小勺 小茴香1 克 1/2小勺 八角 1个 大葱葱白 200克 3根 盐 6克 3/4 小勺 牛肉碎 500克 花椒粉 1克 1/2小勺 白胡椒粉 小于 1克 1/4小勺 蛋白 1个 牛筋汤 500克 蘸水: 酱油,醋,一点点糖,油泼辣子和香油 ingredients:(make 36 soup dumplings) beef tendon soup: beef tendon 500g big green onions white part 1 ginger 1 piece bay leaves 3 Sichuan peppercorn 1g 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds 1g 1/2 teaspoon star anise 1 salt 4g 1/2 teaspoon dough: all purpose flour 400g little bit more than 2.5 cups 160 °F/70 °C water 250g 1 cup fillings: water 250g 1 cup Sichuan peppercorns 1g 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds 1g 1/2 teaspoon star anise 1g big green onions white part 200g 3 of them salt 6g 3/4 teaspoon ground beef 500g Sichuan peppercorn powder 1g 1/2 teaspoon white pepper powder less than 1g 1/4 teaspoon egg white 1 beef tendon soup 500g dipping sauce: regular soy sauce, vinegar, a little bit sugar, chili oil and sesame oil 背景音乐: That Kid in Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: 包子, 灌汤包, 灌汤包子, 汤包, 包包子,

[Eng Sub] 韭菜虾仁饺子【曼食慢语】第二季第4集 Chive-and-Shrimp Dumplings

夏天来了,这是一年中最懒得下厨的季节,那就包点饺子吧。多包一些放冷冻,就是很方便的速冻饺子。想吃的时候随时煮几个或是做锅贴都行。俗话说好玩不如饺子,好吃不如嫂子,你们有什么独家珍藏的饺子馅吗?快来留言,我要试试~ 完整菜谱见 ————————————————————————— 新浪微博:@Amanda的小厨房 微信公众号:amandatastes 片尾有二维码,扫一扫即可关注微信哦

BETTER THAN TAKEOUT - Chinese Steamed Pork Buns baozi Recipe [鲜肉包子]

I grew up with steamed pork bun. When I was in school, my favorite thing to do in the morning is grabbing few steamed buns from the baozi shop. It is warm and fluffy. Tastes delicious. I got a lot of request for this. People are asking me how make a fluffy, soft steamed bun? Well, it is not hard as long as you know how to make the dough. Ingredients for the dough(enough to make 12 buns) - 500 grams of all-purpose flour - 250 grams of warm water - 3 grams (1 tsp) of yeast - 1 tbsp of sugar Ingredients for the filling - 350 grams of ground pork(sorry for the audio mistake in the video, it should be 350 grams not 300grams) - 1 tsp of grated garlic - 1 tbsp of soy sauce [Amazon Link:] - 2 tsp of oyster sauce [Amazon Link:] - 1/2 tsp of salt - 1 tsp of sugar - 1 tsp of dark soy sauce [Amazon Link:] - 2 tsp of sesame oil [Amazon Link:] - 1/3 cup of non-flavored chicken stock - 1/2 cup of spring onion INSTRUCTION Add 1 tsp of yeast into 250 grams of warm water. Make sure it is fully dissolved. In a large bowl, add 500 grams of all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp of sugar. Give it a mix. Pour the yeast water in batches. Use chopsticks to stir it to corporate it well. Then start gathering all the flour together. Make it into a dough. Cover it and let it sit for 1 hour and 40 minutes. This is the first proof. My room temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. You will need to adjust the time depending on the temperature. While the dough is sitting, let’s make the filling. 350 grams of ground pork, add 1 tsp of grated garlic, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp of oyster sauce, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of dark soy sauce, a drizzle of sesame oil. Add 1/3 cup of non-flavored chicken stock. You just stir the meat for 2 or 3 minutes until the meat absorbs the liquid. By doing this, your filling will turn out incredibly juicy. Add 1/2 cup of diced spring onion. Keep mixing it until it is well combined. You can also add some other vegetables such as cabbage carrot, leek. Set this in the fridge, now let’s check the dough. There are always some signs that will tell you your dough is ready. 1. The size should be about1.8 - 2 times bigger. 2. Softly touch the surface; you can feel that there is a lot of air inside. 3. If you grab the dough and open it up. Inside should look honeycomb shape. 4. I know a lot of people will poke a hole in the middle of the dough, if the hole doesn’t bounce back immediately that means it is ready but I forgot to show you that. Sprinkle some flour to prevent sticky. Put the dough on the working surface and we will start kneading the dough to get rid of all the air bubbles. Grab the dough fold it in half. Press it down against the working surface. Every time you press the dough, make sure you squeeze the dough to push the air out. You should be able to feel and hear that the air bubbles are breaking. I have seen a lot of people just roughly knead the dough for few minutes. The reason I am doing this is that the bubbles from the first proof are always irregular. Once you get rid of them and the second proof will provide you with smaller, fluffier and regular bubbles. You just keep doing this for about 8 minutes. This is how I check if all the air despairs – you just take a knife and cut the dough. If you see there are no big bubbles and the cut surface is pretty smooth. That means it is ready. Shape the dough into a round shape. Poke a hole in the middle. Stretch it to make a big ring. The amount I gave is enough to make 12 pork buns. Flatten it and start rolling it. Use the thumb to hold the middle. right-hand rolls it and left-hand holds and turns it. Repeat this again and again. What you are looking for is a wrapper with thick middle and thin edge. Now let’s wrap the filling. I used about 2 tbsp. the thumb and middle finger go under the wrapper. The forefinger goes on the top. Lift the edge and pinch it to make a pleat. Then use the other hand to help to make pleats. Continue doing this all the way around. One important note is that your thumb never leaves the first pleat. In the end, you twist the pleat and pinch it together to close the bun. Brush some oil on the steamer to prevent sticky. Put the pork bun in. Be sure to leave some space between each other. Cover it and let it sit for another 15 minutes. I put some warm water under the steamer. That helps the second proof. 15 minutes later, turn on the gas to the maximum. Once you bring the water to a boil, keep steaming the pork bun for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat. Do not open the lid for at least 3 minutes or else it will shrink when the cold air hits the pork bun. Enjoy! If you have any questions about the recipes, just post a comment, will help you out as soon as possible! ...and if you've read this far, might as well subscribe. More recipes coming soon =)

The dough can be used for both boiled dumplings and potstickers. The dumpling wrappers are tender and thin, with a silky mouthfeel.

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Dumpling filling recipe:

500 grams (4 cups / 18 ounces) all-purpose flour
265 milliliter (1 cup plus 2 tablespoons / 9 ounces) water (room temperature)
About 4 cups preferable dumpling filling

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