Chicken Fried Rice - Restaurant style

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Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry

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How to cook the best restaurant style fried rice

Cooking fried rice is easy, tasty and with a wide margin of error. You may wonder why I make a video for such a simple recipe in great detail. There is a catch! Most Asian restaurants prepare fried rice with high power stove that generates intense heat, which is essential to produce excellent fried rice. However, most people do not have the luxury to have it in your comfy home. While home stove cannot reproduce the dramatic inferno of wok stove, this post will show you how to dish out the fried rice at par with any Chinese restaurant at home without generating roaring heat in your kitchen Don't forget to click the link below to read the ten time-tested fried rice techniques that will transform you into an expert. These tips will elevate the humble fried rice to the next level, and turn it into a culinary wonder.

Szechuan Chicken

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Egg Fried Rice|Restaurant Style Egg Fried Rice Rice Recipe In Tamil|Egg Fried Rice In Tamil

Egg Fried Rice Restaurant Style Is very easy to make.Egg Fried Rice Recipe In Tamil is a fav dish of kids.Prepare this Egg Fried Rice and share your comments. Ingredients Required To Make This Fried Rice Recipe In Tamil: Egg -2 Basmati Rice -250 gms Carrot -1/2 Beans -4 Capsicum-1/2 Spring Onion - some Onion -1 Ginger -2 inch(Chopped) Garlic -4 to 5 (Chopped) Dark Soy Sauce -1 or 2 tsp Oil -3 to 4 tbsp Salt -as per taste Black Pepper Powder -1 tsp Prepare this yummy fried rice recipe and share your experience in the comment section. Chili Fish Recipe Restaurant Style Fish Biryani Recipe In Tamil Plain Kuska Muslim Style In Tamil MUtton Biryani In Tamil Chicken Biryani In Tamil Muslim Style Chicken 65 Home made masala If you like this recipe please susbcribe to my channel Stay connected #eggfriedrice #eggrice #restaurantstyle #eggfriedricetamil


🌸INGREDIENTS Fresh Yeast : 40 G Lukewarm Water : ~ 200 ML (In Total) Oil : 100 ML SUgar : 200G Lukewarm Milk : 200ML Egg : 1 Plain Flour : 1 KG Water Nigella Seeds Sesame Seeds White Poppy Seeds Honey +Water Baking Time : 20-25 min at 200°C or 390°F 🌸Other Bread Recipes : AFGHANI FATEER WARAQI | فطیرورقی Fateer Lachha Paratha | فطیرورقی NAN PIYAZI | نان پیازی | Onion Bread 🌸Music by BeatbyShahed 🌷Thanks for watching ! Like, Leave a Comment, Share and Subscribe!

Chicken fried rice is a favourite recipe in India. Rice is stir fried with chicken strips, veggies and sauces in high flame for that extra taste..We will take you through how to make this hot dish at home... Try it out..

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