How To Make Your CV - A Power Resume

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How Do I Earn Money In Thailand As An Expat?

How Do I Earn Money in Thailand As An Expat? Now given that I am an expat who is residing in Koh Samui - which is a small island off the coast of Thailand - the question begets - How do I earn a living? Now what you need to understand that here on this island of Koh Samui most of the people who bring in business here are Tourists. And the business in Koh Samui is primarily tourism. If there are no tourists - no one on the island will make any money. And the tourist season is only 6 to 8 months. With the remaining months being totally zero with no money and no revenue coming in. So I beforehand decided that opening a business in Thailand was foolish. And on top of that given the fact that I am not good at running a business - I decided the best thing to do was to be a freelancer and online coach - which is where my expertise did lie. And that is how I moved and positioned myself. I charge people per hour for my services. And I also offer people packages that range per month to 12 months. And I also offer them slots - Standard, Premium or VIP services. So check out the video and give me your thoughts. ------------------------------- TO CONTACT | +66-92-541-4784 TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to QUORA PROFILE MENTORING SERVICES MY BLOG WHO AM I? MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"

9 Basic Rules Of Creating A Winning Resumes

9 Basic Rules Of Creating A Winning Resumes 1) Ensure that the fonts, the design and the layout follow a standard template. Do not try to be overly creative or rebellious where these fundamentals are concerned as it may leave the decision maker to be concerned as to the applicants personality with the big question - does the person fit into the company culture or not. 2) Make your Resume easy to read & understand. That involves the selection of font, the layout, the paragraphs, the size of the font and the way the content is placed in and around the Resume. 3) Always remember that content is king. You can be as creative as you want to be where the visual layout is concerned. But if the content in the Resume is not up to par - then nothing will matter. 4) Post your picture only and only if it is necessary and yes, if you are attractive. And yes - please ensure a good, worthwhile picture. 5) Let this be the first and most important part of your Resume - Word editing. In order to stand out - you must be a wordsmith. 6) There is always a tendency to save the best for last. But where Resumes are concerned - always ensure the best is put right up in the front and stated immediately. As most of the decision makers do not have time to keep searching for the worthwhile bits. 7) A very important tip - Remove anything and everything that is unnecessary. Just mentally remind yourself that any word, paragraph, statement or even an alphabet that is out of place or extra - will always mark you down. Like they say - why use 20 words when 10 words can suffice? 8) Ensure the Resume - its content, Match the content of your personality, match the personality & content of the job, match the content of the corporation you are apply to and match the expectations of the decision maker. 9) And yes - the last if not the least bit - If you want the best - make sure that your Resume is handed over to a professional - to a person who has experience in creating and crafting a world class document. Remember - don't try doing everything by yourself - it will never work. You may think you are the best in the world at everything. Don't be mistaken. ------------------------------- TO CONTACT | +66-92-541-4784 TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to QUORA PROFILE MENTORING SERVICES MY BLOG WHO AM I? MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"

Dubai, UAE - 10 Years Visa in Dubai, UAE - What No One Is Telling You

Dubai, UAE - 10 Years Visa in Dubai, UAE - What No One Is Telling You To boost foreign investment in Dubai, UAE, the Dubai government initiated a 10-year-visa for investors, doctors & top-ranked students where the focus would be to attract international investors. As per the reports in gulf news, it states "The system will grant investors and talents up to 10-year residency visas for specialists in medical, scientific, research and technical fields, as well as for all scientists and innovators. It also grants five-year residency visas for students studying in the UAE, and 10-year visas for exceptional students." The hope is that Dubai, UAE visa based system will increase the chance of increasing the attractiveness of making Dubai, UAE economically competitive. However, what is not being stated is the fact that Dubai, UAE needs to attract more money into the economy especially given that the Expo 2020 is a few more months away. And on top of that there are many projects and infrastructural developments which have to be completed before Expo 2020. In this video I share my thoughts about the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the 10-year visa and why most probably, only few may be interested in this offer. ------------------------------- TO CONTACT | +66-92-541-4784 TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL Please send money via paypal to QUORA PROFILE MENTORING SERVICES MY BLOG WHO AM I? MORE ABOUT ME? Google My Name "Loy Machedo"

Tell Me About Yourself - Learn This #1 Trick To Impress Hiring Managers ✓

✅Watch Next: Interview Preparation MasterClass: You will double your chances if you watch this masterclass entirely. You can download the PowerPoint templates here; Learn the best way to answer "tell me about yourself" job interview question from a PwC Consulting Manager and easily impress the hiring manager. You will learn how to prepare, pass, and land interviews with multinational companies. Tell Me About Yourself is one of the most critical questions you will be asked in your interview. In fact, I'll go ahead and say that it's perhaps THE most important question. I'll also say that it's the only one that can allow you to leave a long lasting impression with the hiring managers. And, it's incredibly easy to pull it off. You need a structure in your pitch. A structure that will allow you to present your background effectively. In this video, I talk in great details as to how you should answer this job interview question. It's all about having a structure, knowing what to say, knowing what not to say and presenting your background smoothly while making sure mentioning important elements in your background which is also what the hiring managers are looking for. In your 2 minute pitch, you need to make sure you present your background in a way that they clearly get the idea that you are THE candidate they want to hire. Watch the video until the end to gain a full understanding on the topic." Visit for more resources. Enjoy...

Man Quits $80K Job to Work in Grocery Store Part Time - Minimalism

Yves quit his job even though he had it all: a big salary, health benefits and a pension plan. He sold his downtown condo, too. Why did he decide to drastically simplify his life? Because he was unhappy and unfulfilled. A couple of years ago, he went on a 10-day silent retreat and, after much soul-searching, realized that his job and his stressful lifestyle needed to go. Now, a year and a half later, he's living a minimalist lifestyle in a small bachelor apartment, riding his bike to work, and working 3 days a week at a grocery store. He has more time to spend with the people he loves, and a lot less stress. Does he regret his downshifting decision? Watch this video to find out! Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle ------------------------------------------------------------- STAY IN TOUCH! ------------------------------------------------------------ Blog: Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog Instagram: @exploringalternatives Music & Song Credits: All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat Dubé of Exploring Alternatives.

How To Make Your CV - A Power Resume

Almost everyone who has a Resume and seeks to apply for a job does the following:
1) The applicant puts his name at the top
2) He would then put his position or area of expertise
3) Following that he would put his cell number & email address
4) After that the applicant would post his profile summary
5) After mentioning his profile summary, then the core competencies would be mentioned
6) After the core competencies, the experience would be stated
7) Then the achievements would be put across
8) And finally the candidate would end stating his Personal Details.
Now this is how a standard resume would look like.
Apart from all this candidate try various other creative measures to ensure their resume stand out - from experimenting with the colors to the layout to how the Resume is presented.
However after all this - there is one thing and one thing alone that matters - and that is the core content. I have always told people that Content is king. No matter what you do where your Resume is concerned - it is content that finally matters.
In this video I give my thoughts on what is the most important part of a Resume - Singularity of a Message.


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