Homemade Hemp Salve | with Sana Oil Extractor EUJ-702

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Nettle juice and nettle tea

Krista gives tips on how to juice nettles and make nettle tea. For more information, check out our article on nettles at https://www.eujuicers.com/magazine/cleanse-your-blood-with-nettles.

Sana Oil Extractor EUJ-702 (seed and nut attachment)

An attachment for Sana horizontal juicers that let you make your own cold-pressed oil from a wide variety of seeds and nuts.

Dr. Coldwell Says Hemp Cures Cancer

Help support iHealthTube.com at http://www.patreon.com/ihealthtube Dr. Leonard Coldwell says hemp can cure a number of cancers. He says it's one of the most nutritious products on the planet.

Homemade Healing Salve Recipe - DIY in 5 Minutes

Get the full recipe for this healing salve & at www.ginaathome.com/healing-salve. Subscribe for daily videos. This healing salve became a favorite of mine. I wanted to make something homemade for those little cuts and abrasions that happen all the time. I am kind of a DIY type of person - which you probably know already if you read my blog or watch any of my videos - and I was tired of using neosporin all the time. Don't get me wrong - it's perfect and necessary in some situations. But I wanted an all natural healing salve made with essential oils that would take care of the little stuff that I could just rub on. And this is it. In fact, even with a bad cut, I'll use neosporin early in the healing process and then start using this later. The essential oils in it and the calendula have antibiotic properties, but they all help moisturize and stop scarring. I really like using the calendula and have seen good results from it. But the tea tree oil and the lavender essential oil are great too. So now I usually keep one of these little salves in my purse and another in the refrigerator. And with 6 of us in the house it seems like the salve is always in use. Let me know if you have any questions.

Are Cheap Juicers Worth It?

Can you buy a quality slow juicer for under $100? We bought an inexpensive juicer from a local shop and compared it to a Sana 808 (Omega VSJ843 in the USA). We have an article on our website that takes a closer look at these "copycat' juicers. https://www.eujuicers.com/magazine/are-cheap-juicers-worth-it

Krista demonstrates how to make skin-healing hemp salve at home quickly and easily.
Read the article here: https://www.eujuicers.com/magazine/make-your-own-hemp-seed-oil-salve-at-home

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