Simple potato pancake (Gamjajeon: 감자전)

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Hotteok filled with vegetables & noodles (Yachae hotteok: 야채호떡)

Full recipe: Today I’m going to show you how to make a Korean street snack called yachae-hotteok. Yachae means “vegetables” in Korean, and hotteok are pancakes usually stuffed with sweet stuff and nuts. But in this case they’re filled with savory noodles and chopped vegetables.

How to make soy milk (Duyu: 두유)

Here’s something healthy, simple and delicious you can make for breakfast every day and never get tired of: soy milk, called duyu (두유) in Korean. It’s a nutty blend of beans and nuts that has a lot of fiber and protein and is really good for you. Full recipe: There’s no milk in it at all, even though it look like foamy latte milk and goes down very smooth and creamy. Contribute a caption for this video in your language! My cookbook:

Korean Style Potato Salad (Gamja salad: 감자샐러드)

Full recipe: Korean style potato salad! Many people have asked me to post the recipe for this, and here it is: it's called gamja-salad in Korean or simply "potato salad" in English. Cold, smooth, slightly sweet mashed potatoes, almost like ice cream, with crispy cucumber. Delicious!

Pan-fried meat & tofu patties (Wanja jeon: 완자전)

Pan-fried meat and tofu patties, called wanja-jeon in Korean. They’re savory, soft, and juicy with a meaty texture. It’s an all-time favorite item in Korean lunch boxes, but also for special occasions, too.

Homemade fish cakes (Eomuk: 어묵) How to make Korean fish cake called eomuk with top quality ingredients! It took a long time to develop this recipe to make perfect delicious fish cakes at home. Enjoy!

Today I'm going to show you an easy way to make a delicious potato pancake, called gamjajeon (감자전) in Korean. Everybody can cook this! If you've been watching my videos but never made anything, now's your chance! Get a potato and make a pancake!

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