Advanced Miner Review - Good Investment or Not?

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Advanced Miner is a UK registered cryptocurrency mining and trading company that uses the funds of its investors to fund its mining operations and increase its scope of mining power. At first only available to UK residents when it started back in 2012, it is now an online company available to anyone around the world. There are many plans available plus an affiliate program that offers 5% commissions paid to you based on the amounts deposited by your referrals. The investment plans are 1) Start 115% after 1 day $20 minimum deposit. 2) Standard 135% after 9 days, also $20 minimum deposit.
3) Advanced 914% after 35 days, minimum deposit $75. 4) VIP 1 179% after 4 days $400 minimum deposit 5) VIP 2 267% after 7 days, $300 minimum deposit. 6)VIP 3 418% after 11 days, $250 minimum deposit. 7)VIP 4 626% after 15 days, $200 minimum deposit and 8) VIP 5 912% after 20 days with a $100 minimum deposit. Be careful investing with this or any other online high yield program. Investigate Advanced Miner thoroughly for example...
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